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Alpha Science Toys: Magical Water Elf Toys for French Kids at SeaWorld

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-19      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:May 19, 2022               Destination:France

                                                                                Product Type:Magic Water Elf toys    Product Quantity: 11030 sets, 4100cases,

                                                                                Export Port:Qing Dao, China              Mode of Transport:Shipping

Recently, Alpha Science Toys received a new order for 11030 sets of magic water elf toys from a well-known French children's educational toy brand. They want to give children a special gift in the hot summer so that they can learn chemistry, have their own underwater world and understand different marine life. As an excellent educational toy manufacturer in China, Alpha Science Toys will help children learn magical scientific knowledge with the best quality magic water elf toy products.

After receiving a new order from a French customer, the business manager of Alpha Science Toy Factory held a video conference call with the customer for the first time and recorded a series of requirements for Magic Water Elf toys, product packaging, and production materials, production processes, and testing. At the same time, the account manager of Alpha Science Toys analyzed and communicated with the customer's needs at the subsequent Magic Water Elf product order meeting, and communicated with various departments to discuss different product contents and formulate plans. Finally, with the efforts of R&D, procurement, production, quality control, and other departments, we have formulated a complete and strict order plan for French toy brand customers, which reflects the professional attitude of China educational toy manufacturers to customer orders. And rich experience in product production has laid the smoothest foundation for the cooperation between the two parties.


First of all, the purchasing team of Alpha Science Toys Factory, according to the customer's product requirements, together with the R&D team, selects the safest food-grade raw materials in the educational toy market, repeatedly conducts safety tests according to product production requirements, produces product samples and delivers them to Customer confirms. After waiting for the customer's confirmation, the sample will be sent to the customer's cooperative product testing laboratory for more professional and stricter European toy safety testing experiments. After a series of tests, the product has passed the EU toy testing standard and received a product testing report. Professional recognition.

While waiting for product testing, the production department of Alpha Science Toy Factory has carried out comprehensive sterilization work for the workshop, assembly line, and equipment required for the production of Magic Water Elf toy products to ensure that the products are safely produced in a sterile environment. We have prepared sufficient raw materials for the products and established 3 production lines according to the production planning process, including material sub-packaging, packaging and sealing, and finished product packaging. During the production period, the production team leader conducts quality control of the products, and the quality inspection department conducts classification and sampling inspections of the products to ensure that every detail of the magic water fairy toy products is implemented in accordance with international production standards, showing the professional level and professional level of China educational toy manufacturers. The management level serves customers and has won praise and recognition from customers.


After a series of hectic work, Alpha Science Toy Factory completed the production of 11030 sets of magic water elf products for the French toy brand on time, completed the final test of the product's outer packaging, and then delivered the products to the customer's shipping representative as scheduled, It was a huge success for Alpha Toys. The cooperation between Alpha Science Toy Factory and the French toy brand came to a perfect conclusion.

The summer of 2022 may not be as lively and interesting as before, but Alpha Science Toy Factory still hopes that this magic water elf toy can bring interesting summer gifts to French children so that children can also get the fun and help.  Science Toys is happier to learn and grow at this special moment. Grow into the best scientist and create a better future.


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