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Alpha science toys: Magical space toys open up unlimited joy for Malaysian children

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-23      Origin: Site

                                                                                    Delivery time: April 23, 2021                           Destination:Malaysia            

                                                                                    Product Type:space toys                                Product Quantity:23000 sets, 3540 cases,

                                                                                    Export Port:  Qing Dao                                   Mode of Transport:shipping

Space is magical and infinite for humans, and it contains infinite possibilities. As a manufacturer of children's educational science toys, Alpha science toys factory is also constantly developing and designing interesting space toys for children so that children can understand the mysteries of space. For this reason, alpha science toys factory's space toys have also been trusted by global toy brands. These 23,000 sets of children's space toy product orders were commissioned by the Malaysian toy brand for OEM, hoping to send them to Malaysian children for learning, as the best assistant for space knowledge.


After receiving the customer’s product requirements for space toys, the marketing department of Alpha science toys factory sorted out all the problems one by one. In the remote video conference between the two parties, they confirmed these matters, such as product specifications, manual content, product color box design, production time, and delivery time. After sorting out the customer's needs, the marketing department shared them in the space toy product order meeting with the procurement, R&D, production, and quality inspection departments, and finally sorted out the most complete order production schedule, which was recognized by the customers.

The procurement of Alpha science toys factory and the R&D department has purchased a lot of safety materials, especially the rocket molds in the space toys were designed for 3D printing. And the R&D department repeatedly confirmed the safety, Alpha science toys factory provides samples to well-known testing institutions for professional testing. After passing the safety inspection report, they purchased materials and made molds in accordance with product qualification standards to ensure that the product materials will not cause safety problems.

During the procurement of raw materials, the production department and quality inspection conducted disinfection and sterilization of the equipment, workshops, and personnel required for production to ensure that the products have no health hazards. During the production period, the workers carried out strict packaging of the required powder materials, accurate to the weight, to prevent the materials from causing potential safety hazards to children. At the same time, the quality inspection department conducts random inspections and supervisions on each link of production to ensure that products with uniform quality standards are sent to customers.


Finally, the Alpha science toys factory methodically completed the space toy products customized by the Malaysian toy brand. Alpha science toys have strict requirements on product materials, outer packaging, specifications, and other issues, and have demonstrated high-quality OEM professional services for Malaysian toy brands. Alpha science toys hope to make children's educational science toys, which can send Malaysian children the best scientific knowledge learning assistants so that children can understand the magical space and become the smartest children in the sky!


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