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Alpha science toys: Magical educational science toys bring a lot fun to American children in summer holiday

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-08      Origin: Site

                                                                                Delivery time:May 8, 2020                                   Destination: America           

                                                                                Product Type:educational science toys               Product Quantity:3200 sets, 420 cases,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

The weather is heating up, the children's favorite summer is coming, but because of the special disaster, the children can only stay at home to spend the boring summer. Many kids around the world have to stay at home to learn courses on the internet, so, educational science toys are the best study assistant for kids in free time. American customers from Alpha science toys order 3200 pcs educational science toys in Alpha science toys factory to make children’s learning at home more interesting and help children learn scientific knowledge happily. Thus, Alpha science toys specially develop and design scientific experiment subjects suitable for children of different ages for American children to help them learn better.

Alpha science toys:The shipping news-educational science toys

The whole world is in a special period, but Alpha science toys factory still strictly controls the production technology process to ensure good quality. In the early preparatory stage, the market department and production department of Alpha science toys hold a meeting to discuss it in detail according to the requirements of the educational toy of American customers. They also specially make a detailed production plan and strict production process, to ensure the quality and entertainment of educational science toys produced by Alpha science toys, and to give customers who choose Alpha the best OEM cooperation experience.

Before the production department of Alpha science toys begin to produce educational science toys, the r&d department and the production department conduct repeated tests and inspections on the raw materials of this product to ensure that the raw materials are safe and healthy for children. In addition, in the production process of educational science toys, the production department strictly requires workers to make safety protection and continuously carry out health monitoring. The r & d department and the quality inspection department are also in strict accordance with the sampling inspection rules for educational science toys to test the product quality. Finally, with the joint efforts of the three departments of Alpha science toys, the production of educational science toy has been accomplished as scheduled and these educational science toys also pass various safety tests of well-known product testing institutions and obtain the safety product test report to show the best educational science toys and excellent production service to American customers.

Alpha science toys:The shipping news-science toy

Before putting all educational science toys into the warehouse, the production department carries out unified disinfection and sterilization on the outer packaging of the products. After the products were stored in the warehouse in strict accordance with the safe storage standards, they carry out a series of work procedures once again such as disinfection and sterilization, box drop test, and product quantity statistics for educational science toys. Finally, loading and transportation work is completed smoothly. 

In the special period of the world, all partners of Alpha science toys factory still in their jobs, even in the hot weather, they do not feel hard, because everyone at Alpha science toys knows the importance and special significance of work. That is to design and develop more unique educational science toys to help kids worldwide learn the most interesting scientific experiments and knowledge and realize children’s scientific dreams. All partners of Alpha science toys pray that American children can safely and happily pass this special moment, enjoy their happy childhood better, and become the future stars of the earth.



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