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Alpha science toys: magical crystal growth kits, summer fun for American kids

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-22      Origin: Site

                                                           Delivery time:July 22, 2022                    Destination:America

                                                                      Product Type:crystal growth kits            Product Quantity: 12300 sets, 6050cases,

                                                                      Export Port:Qing Dao,  China                 Mode of Transport:Shipping

Children love to challenge all kinds of puzzles during the summer holidays, and how can they be missing the fun science kits from alpha science toys in this hot weather? Recently, Alpha science toys, a long-time partner of the American toy brand, customized 12,300 sets of crystal growth kits for American children at Alpha science toys factory, as a China educational toy manufacturer, hoping to send gifts from the far east to American children during the hot summer holidays.

Alpha science toys factory has been working with the American toy brand for more than 5 years and both parties share the same philosophy and goals for children's educational toy products, inspiring children's interest in scientific exploration through simple and fun science experiment activities for children.

Initially, the Alpha science toys factory marketing team, upon receiving the American customer's demand for the order of crystal growth kits, the first time, the two sides quickly conducted a remote video conference to communicate the content of the main product picture, production process, packaging design, delivery time and other issues. During the meeting, the American customer made a special request that the packaging of the crystal growth kit must be unique and have product characteristics and that it should have a different packaging design concept from similar products.


This time, the Alpha science toys marketing team was faced with the challenge of meeting both the production requirements and the packaging design requirements. For this reason, Alpha science toys' marketing department quickly convened R&D, purchasing, production, design, quality control, and other departments to hold a meeting on the product order of crystal growth kits together to discuss how to meet the special needs of customers. During the meeting, we analyzed and discussed from different professional perspectives based on the product characteristics of the crystal growth kit and peer cases, determined the product packaging design, and also completed the production schedule for the crystal growth kit. After that, we divided the work together and made preparations for the production of the product.

First, Alpha science toys factory procurement department and R&D team selected safe and non-toxic raw materials in the educational toy market, made samples of the crystal growth kits according to the product requirements of the American customers, sent the samples to the customers for confirmation, and at the same time sent them to well-known product safety inspection agencies for toy safety testing in the U.S. as agreed, and obtained We also sent the samples to a well-known product safety inspection agency as agreed to conduct U.S. toy safety testing and obtain product safety test reports, which laid the most solid safety quality assurance for this crystal growth kit and showed the professionalism of China educational toy manufacturers.

Unlike before, this time Alpha science toys factory, in order to meet the special needs of American toy brands, the design department also constantly checked the packaging design of similar products in the market, and the design team finally designed the outer packaging of the special product after several meetings and discussions with the customer, which was approved by the customer.

Alpha science toys factory, in the process of preparing materials and packaging, at the same time, the production and quality inspection departments also disinfected and sterilized the workshop and production line required for the production of crystal growth kit products. After starting the production work, the production department set up several production lines according to the production process to ensure that the production work could be completed on time. During the period, the production team leaders and the quality inspection department strictly spot-checked the product quality to ensure that the products were kept at the same quality standard level, showing the responsible attitude of China educational toy manufacturers.


Finally, the 12,300 sets of crystal growth kits customized by the American toy brand customer were delivered to the American customer's shipping agency on schedule after being tested and packed in the outer packaging, and the cooperation was successfully completed.

Alpha science toys factory, as the most professional China educational toys manufacturer, has been committed to making and producing hot selling children's educational toys products for global customers, while not forgetting to always understand the concept and methods of children's education, to send the most professional and interesting children's educational toys to help them learn interesting scientific knowledge while entertaining so that learning does not become boring. Alpha science toys will continue to make good children's educational toys and e them to children all over the world, so that their childhood will be full of laughter and no worries about learning!


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