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Alpha science toys:Magic chemistry set for kids sends special science assistants to German children

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-15      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time:September 15, 2020                      Destination:Germany           

                                                                        Product Type:chemistry set for kids                    Product Quantity:13000 sets, 2020 cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

Having our children spend their childhood happily is the wish of every parent. As a toy manufacturer of educational science toys, the alpha science toy factory is also trying to create scientific fun for children around the world. Alpha science toys are also because of such a business dream, has been different countries around the world children's educational science toys brand trust and cooperation. alpha science toys recently received orders for 13000 chemistry set for kids from German customers, hoping to study at home during special periods German children sent special study assistants to ease their boring holiday life.

Alpha science toy factory market department after receiving the order of the German educational science toys brand, the two sides have carried on the detailed communication on the chemistry set for kids product specification, the craft, the product safety standard, for this alpha science toys also specially held the German children's chemical suit product order meeting. The Alpha science toy factory's R & D, Purchasing, Production and QC departments have developed detailed time plans to ensure that the work OEM the chemistry set for kids is planned The completion of the plan to give German children's educational science toys brand partners the best child educational science toys product safety and quality assurance.


As we all know, Germany is a country with almost perfect requirements for all products. Alpha science toy factory R & D department cooperates with German customers for the first time, it is not familiar with German toy safety standards, so in the face of German customers' production requirements, the R & D department also carries out repeated safety tests, R & D department and purchasing team, select the most suitable safety materials in the market before delivering the product materials to the production department for preparation.

Alpha science toy factory in the face of complex and strict product quality requirements, first selected excellent production personnel for product sample production, repeatedly confirmed before starting the production process. Production workshop, personnel, machine after disinfection, and sterilization work, the German partner chemistry set for kids production work officially began. The production personnel strictly control the quality of each product and the high standard of the process. During the period, the quality inspection department also carried out the sampling inspection of the products to ensure that the quality of the chemistry set for kids products in each production line was kept at a certain level. Avoid the problem of product safety.

Alpha science toy factory in the face of the product quality requirements of German partners and German children's toy standards, strive to do a good job of each product, to ensure that the product materials of a chemistry set for kids, technology, packaging, overall quality are kept above the toy safety standards, to give German customers the best trust and products. At the same time, the R & D department also submitted the package of a chemistry set for kids to the well-known product safety inspection organization for international product safety testing, waiting for the most authoritative safety report and quality assessment.

alpha science toy factory quality inspection department will store the chemistry set for kids in storage, carried on the dropbox test, laid the safe foundation for the coming transportation work, after the last disinfection, and sterilization work is completed. alpha science toy factory got the testing report of the children's educational science toys products from the authority and opened the transportation of the chemistry set for kids products ordered by the German brand partner as scheduled.

chemistry-set-for-kids-product -loading

The alpha science toy factory, working with the German children's educational science toys brand, alpha science toy factory everyone learned the German standard of work and detail. All alpha science toy factory has raised a new level for their work attitude and standards and added a new vitality and goal to the dream of making science fun for children around the world in the future.

Alpha science toy factory the future will be more stringent requirements, strive to do a good job in the development and production of children's educational science toy products, control the quality of children's educational science toy products. Although only 13000 sets of children's chemistry set for kids have been sent to German children, alpha science toys are confident that they will strive to become the world's best maker of children's educational science toys, give more scientific fun to more children around the world, help children learn scientific knowledge from an early age, fulfill their scientific dreams, and give children a happy childhood memory.



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