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Alpha science toys: lovely girl's toys customized by American customers

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                                                                                Delivery time:November 11, 2019                       Destination: USA            

                                                                                Product Type:DIY slime toys                               Product Quantity:40000 sets, 7000 cases ,

                                                                                Export Port:  QingDao, China                              Mode of Transport:Shipping

The lovely girl's toys make the beat playmate for girls, but do parents know? Lovely girl's toys can also allow children to learn some knowledge. Alpha science toy factory understands this characteristic of children, therefore, we had designed and developed a series of girl's toys for lovely girls. Girl's toys can let girls learn different knowledge from pink toys. Alpha science toy factory designed girl's toys which get many girls to pursued and love in the united states. For this reason, American customers of Alpha science toy factory customize many girl's toys every year to give special gifts to American cherubs. At this time, Alpha science toy factory produced 40,000 sets of girl's toys for American customers. The team of Alpha science toy factory will carefully complete this order.

When the Alpha science toy factory receives the American customer's order for the girl's toys products. The R&D team has added a lot of learning elements to the toys according to customer needs, and also added a lot of lovely designs. These elements enable children to learn knowledge from playing toys and feeling the loveliness of the girl's toys. The R&D team of Alpha science toy factory has conducted rigorous safety tests on the raw materials of all girl's toys. The production department takes every product seriously in the production process of girl's toys to ensure the quality of girl's toys.

 The shipment-Girls toys

After completing all the orders, the R&D team carried out strict spot inspection and crash test on the girl's toys that ensure the quality of the girl's toys from the American customers. After that, the team of Alpha science toy factory was put the girl's toys products in the warehouse. These girl's toys products will wait for the cargo ship to the United States.

 The shipment-gifts for girls

When the factory carries out product transportation for the customer, the storage department will make reasonable loading according to the size of the outer packing box of the products that ensure the customer's toys will not suffer any loss in transportation.

Alpha science toy factory has a beautiful dream on children's toys, we hope every child can enjoy science toys and learn more scientific knowledge. at the same time, we hope the girls learn color and art knowledge through the girl's toys to become the beautiful little angel. Alpha science toy factory will make more interesting science toys for children. We hope every child has a wonderful childhood.



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