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Alpha science toys: learn and grow with children, spreading the fun of children's educational toys to the world

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In 2022, all parts of the world are facing various challenges, and as a mature Chinese educational toy manufacturer, Alpha science toys factory is also facing the challenges of market and product innovation needs.

As a China educational toy manufacturer with 15 years of experience, Alpha science toys is the responsibility and mission of our team members to solve customers' troubles and needs, because we firmly believe - in Dr. Einstein's famous saying "Success = Hard work + correct method + less empty talk." So over the years, our team is also learning the world's professional production technology, toy design concepts, and marketing methods to help our company grow. This is also the secret to our continued growth and success.

In 2022, the competition in the global children's educational toy market will become more intense. In order to better serve customers and expand new product markets, Alpha science toys specially invited Len from the UK to help train all marketing team members and learn new methods of international sales and the Internet Market development thinking, re-understand new knowledge of the profession from a new perspective, and understand the new changes in the market.

The Alpha science toys marketing team had communicated with Len a month in advance about the training topics, the subject matter, and the timing of the training session, and the Alpha science toys marketing team had also compiled a list of mistakes and sales difficulties that had occurred in the course of serving customers, in the hope of receiving help and advice from Len, who has extensive experience in international sales. We hope to get help and guidance from Len who has rich experience in international sales.

It was soon time for the appointment Sarah took Len on a tour of the Alpha science toys factory on the outskirts of the city, where he learned about the R&D, production, quality control, packaging, and other production processes of children's educational toys. We had a tour to understand the process of research and development, production, quality control, and packaging of children's educational toys. At the same time, Len also had an in-depth understanding of Alpha science toys' products, market, and the company's development history.


Before the training started, Len from the UK gave a brief introduction to the group, he has been working in China and international trade for 20 years and has rich experience in sales and international trade. Len answered all the questions and analyzed the customer cases together with the marketing team members, and shared his solutions and ideas with everyone. At the same time, he explained the psychology of the customers and the key points of the problems.

Later on, Len grouped the marketing department staff according to the training topic and conducted a customer reception scenario simulation, explaining in detail the psychology, negotiation skills, and the English issues that need to be paid attention to during the cooperation conversation between the customer and the marketing department staff for both groups. Then Len gave a detailed introduction to the English speaking and writing habits of different countries around the world in terms of email writing and telephone communication and showed the standard email writing format in English to help Alpha science toys marketing department members' English writing and speaking skills.

Len from the UK led the marketing department members to conduct customer reception simulation, product marketing model and market development channel selection, and a product global market data analysis. For customers, from customer psychology and product demand analysis to customer profile and company background investigation, to customer development methods and a series of other professional perspectives, the marketing team was introduced to the most professional international sales and customer follow-up methods, as well as the Internet market development thinking. During this training, every member of the marketing department felt the new height of their career from a new perspective, and at the same time gained growth, as well as the direction of personal development as soon as possible, opening up new goals and ideas for the future sales and development of Big Bang Science brand products under Alpha science toys.

At last, Len from the UK finished the training activity with laughter, and all members of the marketing team gave their applause to this lovely "teacher".

Alpha science toys factory has been engaged in children's educational toys manufacturer for 15 years, from a small team to an excellent China educational toys manufacturer, the energy of continuous growth comes from the simple slogan "Making scientific dreams for children around the world."

In the future, Alpha Science Toys Factory will continue to learn and grow, make good quality and affordable educational toys for children, and deliver them to children around the world to provide them with the best learning and growth assistants, and also let Laughter all over the world.


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