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Alpha science toys: Kitchen Chemistry Kit for British children holiday joy

Views: 16     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-09      Origin: Site

                                                                                   Delivery time:On October 9th, 2021              Destination:England           

                                                                                   Product Type:kitchen chemistry kits              Product Quantity:11000 sets, 1850cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                       Mode of Transport:Shipping

Toys are the most indispensable and most important partners. While giving children to learn knowledge and skills, they help children learn different knowledge, which is a function of quality educational toys. As a member of the global educational toys market, alpha science toys has been striving to produce high-quality children's educational toy products, gaining the praise and trust of global educational toys products. The alpha science toys factory has received an order from a British toy brand to customize 11,000 kitchen chemistry kits for British children, hoping to send them special holiday gifts before Halloween.

Alpha science toys factory's business manager, who received the product needs from British toy brands, immediately made a video conference call with the customer. The two parties had a detailed communication around the kitchen chemical kit product details, and the business manager recorded all the customer's requirements. After the confirmation of both parties, the business manager will introduce the customer demand information into the procurement, research and development, production, quality inspection, and other departments in the product order meeting. In the end, all departments followed up the requirements of the product and sorted out the professional and complete production plan schedule, which was recognized by customer satisfaction.

kitchen-chemistry-kit- finished-product

As a member of the educational toy market, Alpha science toys factory attaches great importance to the quality and safety of children's educational toys, so the procurement department attaches great importance to the procurement of raw materials of kitchen chemical kits and selects edible raw materials. First of all, after repeated product safety testing in the research and development department, the product samples were sent to well-known product testing institutions, for stricter EU toy testing projects, to get a professional product safety testing report, to ensure the quality and safety of kitchen chemical kit products.

In the raw material preparation stage, the alpha science toys factory Production Department disinfected the production equipment, workshops, and production lines used in the production process to ensure the safety of toys. In the process, the production leader and the quality inspection department personnel shall strictly control the product links and quality standards according to the customer requirements to ensure the quality of each product.


Alpha science toys factory completed the production of the kitchen chemistry kit as scheduled. Finally, After a series of product box testing, packaging inspection, and disinfection work, it was delivered to the freight forwarder of British toy brand customers on time to complete the production of 11,000 sets of kitchen chemical kit products.

Alpha science toys have long been trying to create scientific dreams for children worldwide, never stopping in the face of difficulties, and helping children happily learn skills and scientific knowledge. alpha science toys factory will work harder to produce more interesting children's educational toys for children around the world, allowing children to grow into the brightest earth stars in a happy time.


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