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Alpha science toys:In School, Explore the Science Mystery Together wih Children

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In this hot summer, The members of Alpha science toys team constantly busy due Alpha team are preparing for the coming soon International Children's Day. Alpha science toys produce almost one month in high speed in order to prepare the most best funny present to children. Alpha science toys prefer bring the magical and thoughtful educational science toys to every child who love science. In this special festival for children, the General Manager of Alpha science toys Tom Lee takes the high quality educational science toys to the elementary school classroom-public primary school class2, Grade 3 of Xinxiang cityto explain the various scientific phenomena in life to children in a simple course, which helps children better understand the scientific knowledge in life. Of course, Alpha will send the special present to children in 2019 Children's Day.

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The General Manager of Alpha science toys Tom Lee share the basic scientific knowledge with kids from the various phenomena common in life to basic physical knowledge. To lead children do the experiments and reveal the science mystery by themselves. It is will be easily to open the world of science for children and make the kids understand the science phenomena in life deeply.

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In the classroom, the children are actively answering questions, constantly asking questions to Tom Lee, and actively learning more about scientific knowledge.

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The General Manager of Alpha science toys Tom Lee answers the children's questions carefully,Alpha send the educational science toys which produced by Alpha science toys as Children's Day present to kids. The kids open the box happily and explore the scientific knowledge from these scientific educational toys.

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Alpha science toys end this meaningful public welfare activity with the atmosphere full of children’s happiness and laughter. In this day, the members of Alpha science toys have seen the happy appearance of children after acquiring scientific knowledge, which makes Alpha science toys' efferts to gain recognition from children.  Meanwhile this make Alpha team to realize the great meaning of their work. As long as we help children to get the scientific knowledge safely, our planet will continue to develop, it will make our future life more beatiful and happy. This is also the original intention and goal of Alpha science toys for designing and manufacturing scientific educational toys for children. Alpha believes that the future of children will be better.

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In this exclusive festival with children, Alpha science toys will continue to move forward to this dream, to create a magical scientific knowledge ocean for children, let the children swim happily in it, and let every child thrive in the memory full of laughter.

In addtion,Alpha science toys wish all children a happy Children’s day, wish every child possesses a happy childhood and every nice dream come true.


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