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Alpha science toys: Hot United Arab Emirates Trade Exhibition

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-12-18      Origin: Site

The 2020 year is coming soon, all people are getting ready for the New Year. The team of Alpha science toy factory is also working hard to prepare New Years gifts for the children. Alpha science toy factory had finished the China-India trade Exhibition and was invited to attend the China-UAE trade exhibition. Therefore, the Alpha science toy factory dispatched E-commerce manager Eric and Marketing director Beryl to bring own brand of BIG BANG SCIENCE science education toy products to the China-UAE trade exhibition.

 Dubai exhibition-science toys

Alpha science was invited to the 10th China-UAE trade exhibition in October 2019. After receiving the invitation, Alpha science toy factory firstly analyzed the UAE children’s science education toy products market. The R&D department has made specific preparations and plans for UAE children’s preference for science educational toys and designed a series of science educational toy medium kits which are more suitable for the UAE market. In this China-UAE trade exhibition, Alpha science toy factory will show the excellent science educational toy products, Top production technologies, and innovative design concepts.   

 Dubai exhibition-science educational toy

Alpha science toy factory representatives Eric and Beryl came to Dubai world trade center for China- UAE trade exhibition in yesterday. Firstly, They decorated the Alpha science toy factory’s booth at the China- UAE trade exhibition. Then they carefully displayed the “BIG BANG SCIENCE” products. When all is ready, Eric and Beryl will welcome UAE customers and provide the best service and answer questions. Most of UAE customers give praise to the Alpha science toy factory’s booth.

 Dubai exhibition-The 10th China (UAE) trade expo in 2019

On the first day of the exhibition, Alpha science toy factory’s booth became the focus of the whole exhibition. Eric and Beryl received every customer carefully, they explained the advantages of “BIG BANG SCIENCE” products to customers and showed pictures and videos of products to customers through the Alpha science toy factory’s official website. Alpha science toy factory is popular in China- UAE trade exhibition that inspiring all the team at the Alpha science toy factory.

It is a great honor for the Alpha science toy factory to attend the China- UAE trade exhibition which is an opportunity to show Chinese children’s science education toy to UAE customers. Meanwhile, the Alpha science toy factory also got many excellent suggestions and product design ideas from this trade exhibition. Alpha science toy factory’s science education toy products will enter the UAE market in 2020. there are more and more UAE children will use science educational toys to learn more interesting scientific knowledge. And they will have a happier childhood.


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