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Alpha science toys:High quality kids science experiments toys help Norwegian children grow

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-28      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: January 28, 2021                     Destination:Norway           

                                                                        Product Type:science experiment toy              Product Quantity:8300 sets, 1250cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Children are always happy when playing with toys, science experiments toys can also bring different pleasure to children. As a manufacturer of kids science experiments toys, Alpha science toy factory has been dedicated to creating various science fun for children, so, Alpha science toys factory win the trust of famous toy brands worldwide. This time, Alpha science toys received an order from a Norwegian toy brand to customize 8300 sets of DIY kids science experiments toy kits, which sent science fun and warmth to Norwegian children.

The Marketing Department of Alpha Science Toys Factory and the Norwegian toy brand had a special online video conference on the order requirements of the kid's science experiment toy set to communicate in detail and finally reached a preliminary consensus. The marketing manager shared all the needs of the Norwegian customers with each department, and then made a targeted analysis to make a strict product production plan for the order of kids science experiment toys.


Alpha Science Toys Factory also paid great attention to purchasing raw materials before production. According to the safety standards of children's toys of the European Union, the purchasing department selected several suitable materials. Together with the research and development team, they conducted hazard tests and children's safety tests on the raw materials. Finally, they selected the most suitable raw materials to ensure the quality and safety of the products of the Norwegian toy brand.

Before production, the production department of Alpha science toys factory strictly sterilized the required raw materials, production equipment, workshops, and workers to ensure the safety of products. The production department in the production process of kids science experiments toys constantly checked the packaging and cooperated with the quality inspection department to have the strict sampling for the finished kid's science experiments toys. They strove to do their own work, and keep the risk to a minimum.

Under the joint efforts of R&D, procurement, quality inspection, and production, Alpha science toys factory completed the 8300 sets of kids' science experiments toys agreed by the Norwegian toy brand on schedule. Alpha Science Toys has also accumulated a lot of experience in the production process of kids science experiments toys, making itself more professional.


In 2021, Alpha science toys factory will continue to strengthen cooperation with world-renowned toy brands to develop more science experiments toys that are popular with children, hoping to help children learn scientific knowledge and realize their scientific dreams.


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