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Alpha science toys: glow in the dark toys Send miracle of the night to the children of Argentina

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-07      Origin: Site

                                                                                   Delivery time:On September 7th, 2021          Destination:Argentina           

                                                                                   Product Type:magic water elf toys                 Product Quantity:7800 sets, 1250cases,

                                                                                   Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Time soon comes to September, and Halloween, a favorite for children and young adults, is coming soon! Alpha Science Toys Factory, a China educational toy manufacturer, has prepared several toy sets are related to Halloween for this interesting holiday, Glow in the Dark Toys Set is alpha Science Toys Factory's Halloween gift for kids. It is popular with many kids, meanwhile, it also acquires the trust and affection of Argentine toy brand seller. This order of 7800 sets of Glow in the Toys set for the Argentine toy brand is Halloween for children.

After receiving the products ordered from the Argentine toy brand seller, the business manager of Alpha science toys factory and the Argentine toy brand seller had a video meeting, it is for the core issues in the product order. At the same time, the business manager shared the customer's requirements for Glow in the Dark Toys with the r&d, procurement, production, and quality inspection departments in the later product order meeting, they made the detailed and complete production schedule, to show customers the rich experience and service concept of Chinese educational toy manufacturers.


Alpha Science Toys Factory r&d and procurement department specially selected the safest fluorescent materials and components in the market according to the product requirements of Argentine customers and designed glow in the Dark Toys samples according to the European Union toy safety standards. Sent it to the well-known product safety inspection institutions, had a professional and rigorous product safety test. After a variety of safety inspections, get product safety inspections report, then the purchasing department began to purchase raw materials, then started design and production products.

In the process of waiting for raw materials, the production and quality inspection department of Alpha Science Toys Factory carried out strict disinfection and sterilization of the equipment, production line, personnel, and packaging materials required for production to avoid affecting the health of children. During the production process of Glow in the Dark Toys order of Argentinian customers,  the leaders and quality inspectors of each production line carried out strict spot checks on each production step of the products. After the production was completed, they also carried out safety checks on the outer packaging to ensure that each product had good quality and safety guarantees. Soon, Alpha Science Toys Factory put the finished Glow in the Dark products into storage as scheduled for final drop testing and disinfection.


Finally, Alpha Science Toys Factory completed the order of 7800 sets of Glow in the Toys set of An Argentine toy brand seller on the agreed time. After delivering the products to the customer's shipping representative, the two sides completed the cooperation.

As a China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Science Toys Factory has always been concerned about the learning and growth of children around the world. We hope to send scientific and fun Halloween gifts to children in the coming Halloween, then children around the world can enjoy the love from Chinese educational toy manufacturers, help children learn different science knowledge, and become the greatest scientist.


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