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Alpha Science Toys: Glow in the Dark Lava Lamp

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The interesting and magical lava lamp is one of kids’ favorite science toys. Here, Alpha science toys will teach kids how to make a lava lamp interestingly, and help kids to explore the interesting making method and amazing science theory. Today Alpha science class is going to make a glow in the dark lava lamp with kids together. This science toy could add a magical sense to kids’ room at night. Through playing and learning science, Alpha science toys could bring a happy feeling to kids when doing science experiments and develop kids’ imagination to grow up happily.

Lava lamp in the dark (4)

Alpha science toys: what you need to prepare

1. Vegetable oil

2. Vitamin C effervescent tablets

3. Plastic bottle / Glass jar

4. Warm water

5. Glowing stick

6. Scissors

7. Funnel

Alpha science toys: Let’s start to make it:

1. Add water into the bottle and make the bottle 1/4 full.

Lava lamp in the dark

2. Add vegetable oil into the bottle and make the bottle 3/4 full, you can use the funnel when pouring vegetable oil into bottle.

3. Observe carefully, you will see the oil and water are divided into two layers. When oil and water settle down, the heavier one will be at the bottom.

4. Ask your parents’s help to cut the top of the glowing stick with scissors, then pour the liquid into the bottle, waiting for the fluorescent liquid to settle to the bottom.

Lava lamp in the dark

5. Kids need to divide the vitamin C effervescent tablets into 4 small pieces, then throw one into the bottle. You will see that it enters the water and start fizzing, the foam begins to erupt in the oil. When bubbling begins to slow down, add another vitamin C effervescent tablet and it will start again.

6. When it begins to erupt, turn off the light, it will shine a magical light in your room.

Lava lamp in the dark (3)

Alpha science class: the science theory of glow in the dark lava lamp

Let Alpha science toystell you the reason. Vegetable oil will never mix with water, it because that the density of vegetable oils is lower than that of water, so the vegetable oil will float on the water no matter how you shake. While the reason why lava lamp happens all the time is that the vitamin C effervescent tablets react with water and product, acids and basic powders that make up effervescent C tablets begin to react and release carbon dioxide bubbles as they dissolve in water. These carbon dioxide bubbles adhere to the water, like floats, bubble points rise to the surface through the reservoir. When bubbles arrive at the mouth of the bottle, the carbon dioxide gas does not contain bubbles, and the dense oil droplets will sink.

The light of lava lamp comes from fluorescence. When the fluorescent material absorbs energy, it will release light immediately. Fluorescence is a slow process in which energy is absorbed and released as light, so once the fluorescent material is charged by light, it can continue to shine for a few seconds, minutes or even hours. Do kids understand the mystery of glow in the dark lava lamp? Come on and make a glow in the dark lava lamp with your parents!


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