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Alpha Science Toys: Global Children’s Educational ScienceToys Shopping Season—Hong Kong Tour

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-15      Origin: Site

In 2023, the first year after the global epidemic ends, global trade is also slowly recovering momentum. September is an important period for global procurement of Christmas-related products and has also become an important "holiday" for global trade activities. As an excellent China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Toys Factory is also preparing for this important time node. To this end, Alpha Science Toys general manager TOM-LI and three managers came to Hong Kong, the international trade capital. We visited several important customers with whom Alpha Science Toys has had long-term cooperation in recent years, and introduced in detail Alpha Science Toys’ newly developed children’s educational science toy series in 2023 as well as the company’s development progress. Through in-depth communication and understanding, both parties have a deeper understanding of the development plan and direction of Alpha Technology Toys in the next few years. In the future, the two parties will jointly create more cooperation opportunities and jointly innovate more interesting, educational, and high-quality children's educational science toy products to help customers sell products and help children learn and grow.


As early as August, Alpha Science Toys - General Manager TOM formulated a detailed plan to visit customers in Hong Kong. During this trip to Hong Kong, TOM led a four-person team including foreign trade director Eric, key account managers Sarah and Beryl to bring new product samples and new product catalogs.

First, we visited a world-renowned educational toy brand customer who has long-term cooperation with Alpha Science Toys. TOM specially introduced the advantages and selling points of the new product to everyone, as well as the advanced STEM education concept contained in the product, which was recognized and praised by customers. Subsequently, the two parties had in-depth communication on new product development and cooperation plans in 2024 and reached a preliminary plan. After this meeting, the tacit understanding of cooperation between the two parties has been dramatically deepened and understood.

During the next three days in Hong Kong, TOM and the team also visited different types of customers such as Hong Kong's well-known toy traders, STEAM educational institutions, and large purchasers, and introduced Alpha Science Toys' new products and products to them in detail. New factory capacity. Technical Information. At the meeting, the two parties held detailed discussions on new product materials, product customization content, and other issues. During the meeting and exchanges, both parties continued to deepen their understanding of each other, laying a solid foundation for subsequent cooperation. Customers of Alpha Technology Toys have expressed their recognition and praise for the quality, price, materials, production technology, etc. of the products. They said that they will continue to cooperate with Alpha Science Toy Factory for a long time to jointly develop high-quality children's educational science toy products, help the brand gain more market share, and also help children better learn interesting scientific knowledge and let children understand More. Growing up is more fun.


Although the Alpha Science Toys Hong Kong Tour has ended, for Alpha Science Toys Factory, our continuous efforts to produce children's educational toy products will continue.

In the future, we will continue to work hard and move forward in the direction of the company's slogan "Creating happy scientific dreams for children around the world". Although Alpha Science Toys is now just one of many excellent educational toy manufacturers in China, everyone at Alpha Science Toys firmly believes that this is not the end of our goal. Every team in Alpha Science Toy Factory will work hard to learn, grow, and do everything well. children's educational science toy Products is committed to becoming the world's best manufacturer of children's science toys, helping more children around the world enjoy the fun of science, discover more practical scientific knowledge, develop technology, and make this blue planet happier.


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