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Alpha science toys:Galaxy Slime Toys bring infinite joy to American children

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-09      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time: April 9, 2021                             Destination:America           

                                                                               Product Type:galaxy slime                              Product Quantity:3000 sets, 500cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Different types of children's educational science toys have different advantages. As a professional manufacturer of children's science toys, Alpha Science Toys Factory develops and produces different types of educational science toys for children all over the world, which is to let children enjoy the Scientific knowledge and fun brought by children's educational science toys. Alpha Science Toys recently received 3,000 Galaxy Slime sets from American toy brands, hoping to bring the magic of Slime to American children.

Alpha Science Toys designed Galaxy Slime, which aims to give children a preliminary understanding of the Galaxy through simple Slime toys. So after Alpha Science Toys received the order from the American toy brand, the marketing manager had a video conference with the customer to determine the requirements of the product production.


The Marketing Department of Alpha Science Toys explained all the requirements of customers. During the period, the purchasing, research and development, production, quality inspection, and other departments formulated product quality standards and production cycle according to this product order and established a scientific and perfect Galaxy Slime production plan, which was affirmed by customers.

First of all, Alpha Science Toys procurement and R & D department jointly selected the safe materials, conducted repeated safety tests on the raw materials according to the American toy safety standards, and sent the raw materials to well-known product testing institutions for inspection, and finally selected the best materials.

Alpha Science Toys production department has carried out sterilization and disinfection of product equipment, workshop, raw materials, and other contents in advance according to customer requirements and production process standards. During the production process, the technical supervisor controlled the temperature, viscosity, and other details of Slime. Meanwhile, the R&D and quality inspection departments jointly conducted repeated inspections on the finished products of Slime to ensure that the product quality remained at a high level.

Alpha Science Toys Factory completed the Galaxy Slime product order after a series of the production workflow. Finally, after the double inspection by the quality control department and the US customer's goods representative, Galaxy Slime Toys started its journey to the US.


The global demand for children's educational science toys will continue to increase in 2021, as more and more people see how science toys can help children learn about science. Alpha Science Toys Factory, as a high-quality manufacturer of children educational science toys, is also constantly learning and growing, making more interesting science toys for children around the world to help them grow up and learn to explore more magical scientific knowledge. We hope the Galaxy Slime Toys manufactured by Alpha Science Toys can bring joy to American children and let them enjoy the mysterious magic of the Galaxy.


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