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Alpha science toys: fun physics toys to start German children's science dreams

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-22      Origin: Site

                                                                                 Delivery time:March 22, 2022                Destination:Germany

                                                                                                Product Type:fun physics toys               Product Quantity:31000 sets, 5000cases,

                                                                                                Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                Mode of Transport:Shipping

Alpha science toys, a China educational toy manufacturer, has been producing various kinds of science experiment toys for children so that children can get the liberation of science fun after school.

Recently, alpha science toys received an order request from a German toy brand, customizing 31,000 sets of fun physics toys set, hoping to send the best gift for German children this spring and plant the seed of science in children's hearts.

The marketing manager of Alpha science toys factory opened a video conference call after receiving the order from the German customer. The marketing manager recorded the customer's communication about the production process, test report, packaging, and shipping route of fun physics toys products. We also answered the main questions for the German customer.

Later on, the marketing manager of alpha science toys factory presented the product requirements of the German customer to the purchasing, R&D, production, and quality control departments during the fun physics toys product order meeting. Each department sorted out the issues according to the required raw materials, production process, quality standard, and crating under their responsibility, and finally made a complete production time plan for fun physics toys products, which laid down a professional production standard for the production work. At the same time, it showed the professional ability and scientific management experience of China educational toy manufacturers, which was appreciated and recognized by German toy brands.


First of all, the alpha science toys factory procurement and R&D team together selected the safest raw materials in the educational toy market and conducted the first safety test and sample production on the purchased materials at the first time. After confirming that there were no errors, the samples were sent to the well-known product testing organization designated by the customer for more professional and strict safety testing. After more than 10 safety tests, the alpha science toys factory got the test report, which set a perfect quality standard for the subsequent production work.

Alpha science toys factory production department, during the purchase of raw materials, according to the production plan and production management requirements of fun physics toys, the production line, equipment, workshop, and personnel required for the production of sterilization work to ensure that the product will not have health risks. fun physics toys production began, the production department of each After the production of fun physics toys started, the production line managers strictly controlled each production process and quality standard and conducted product sampling inspection together with the R&D department to ensure that the quality was maintained at a uniform level, demonstrating the attitude and ability of China educational toy manufacturers to be of the same quality.

Alpha science toys factory finished the order of 31000 sets of fun physics toys for German customers as scheduled. After the final testing of the outer packaging, the products were placed in the warehouse for final sampling and shipping by the customer's representative.


This time, the cooperation of alpha science toys German toy brands was very smooth. As one of the China educational toy manufacturers, the alpha science toys factory has been hoping to cooperate with toy manufacturers in various countries around the world to help children in different countries learn interesting science knowledge, realize children's science dreams and help children grow up. In such an era of rapid development, let every child have the opportunity to build their dreams of science and become the great scientists of their dreams.


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