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Alpha Science toys for medium and small size products have passed the EN 71 toys regulation testing

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Children are an important foundation for a country's development. So education for children is the most important part of every country. Different themes for kids' science toys are helping children to learn science knowledge outside of the classroom. Kid science toys let children easy to learn science knowledge while play with these toys.  On the other hand, the world attaches great importance to the safety of kids' science toys. Alpha science toy factory, as a well-known manufacturer of kids science toys for children, we also attach great importance to the safety of  science toys for kids. We are cooperating and communicating with the world's well-known third-party testing lab for kids science toys to ensure all the toys are safe and meet the testing standards all over the world. Recently, for the medium and small size of Alpha science toys, they have passed the EN71 safety testing standard, we are providing the best quality assurance to global kits science toys partners.

Alpha science toys are always attaching great importance to the safety of children's toys, we are strictly to abide by the different toys safety and testing standards for different countries all over the world. For the Alpha newly lunched medium and small size of kid science toys, they are the new attempt to explore the market in different countries. It’s also s a new challenge for Alpha science toys team. In order to complete the safety testing standard of EN 71 for Alpha’s kid's science toys, Alpha science toys team have made the preparations for half a year in advance. Alpha’s research and development, purchasing, production, and other departments are constantly learning new kids' science toy design and production technology. Alpha team is strict in experiments and safety testing, to ensure that each child's science experiment contents are more reasonable and interesting.

Alpha science toys:New science toys for kid

At the beginning of the design for the new middle and small kid's science toys series. Alpha science toys R&D department designed and verified the safety, knowledge, and interest of kid's science toys. Researchers have conducted thousands of experimental studies on each science experimental subject for children, they observed and recorded the data of each experiment, and carried out a comparative analysis to ensure the correctness of the data.

And alpha science toys’ purchasing team is constantly sourcing the safety of raw material and components all over the world. We are purchasing tens of thousands of different kinds of materials and components, and will cooperate with Alpha’s research and development team for the strict experimental comparison, and select the safest and non-toxic products materials, then will purchase to the factory to the production department for children's toys manufacture.

In addition, Alpha R&D team keeps in touch with world-renowned product testing centers and keeps learning new professional testing knowledge and methods. Alpha Science Toys' medium and small sets of products can easily pass the EU EN-71 safety test and obtain 14 product test reports.

alpha science toys:en-71 examining report

All teams of Alpha Science Toys are learning new technical knowledge of kid's science toys and integrate all excellent design concepts into new medium and small sets of products. In this case, Alpha science toys can present the most perfect kid's science toys products for customers and children around the world.

Alpha Science Toys has been engaged in the manufacturing of kid's science toys for 14 years and has scientific and strict production technology and safety standards. Alpha Science Toys participates in the world's top kid's science toys fair to communicate with peers every year, We are constantly upgrading and transform the production technology, as well as the world's top science education concept. We hope to provide the best OEM and ODM service for global customers and present the best quality of kid's science toys to the customers.

Alpha Science Toys' latest medium set and a small set of kid's science toys have passed the European Union EN-71 testing. All parents can rest assured to buy them for their children. We will help them to learn interesting scientific knowledge together and let them grow up happily in the fun of science.



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