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Alpha science toys:for American children to funny science experiments for kids toys

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after the Christmas holiday just now , the Alpha science toy factory's partners are already busy producing the latest science toys for children in the United States in 2020.In the beginning of the New Year, Alpha science toy factor all people after a short rest, every team are holding order meeting, specialized science experiments for kids has the most perfect production plan, each team play their own advantages, guarantee with the American children of science experiments for kids meet the deadline toys of 35000 sets.

Product storage-science experiments for kids

As Alpha science toy factory in 2020, the first order, all the team Alpha and seriously each piece of science experiments for kids, the R&D team with the raw materials used for the product has carried on the strict examination in the first time, Meanwhile, send raw materials to known more professional and meticulous tests in the laboratory, and issued by the professional product safety test report, after repeated confirmation, The Alpha science toy factory team began a rigorous process of manufacturing toys for children's science experiments.

United States delivery-Alpha science toys

The production team of Alpha science toy factory and the product quality inspection team carried out sampling inspection on the products respectively. While ensuring the quality, the complete products were placed in the warehouse for the subsequent transportation workflow.

The end of 2020 will be a big challenge for logistics companies, as bad weather and increased traffic add to threats to the Alpha science toy factory's U.S. customers' shipments of science experiments for kids. So sales team for the first time with the international logistics company,  plan to transport time, ensure that children with the American customers science experiments for kids can duly arrive in the United States, to complete the Alpha science toy factory in 2020, the first order, after the warehouse partners closely work completed the science experiments for kids loading work, security to Qingdao port.

2020 for Alpha science toy factory is very important a year, at the same time also is a year full of challenges in the future, in the New Year, Alpha science toy factory all teams will uphold the "happy for children around the world" dream, development and design more interesting science experiments for kids, help children in a happy atmosphere to learn scientific knowledge, and healthy growth, become the most clever little genius.


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