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Alpha science toys factory :The relaxed moments just to better realize the dream

Views: 16     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-09      Origin: Site

Since September, Alpha science toys factory has received a large number of orders from the United States, France, Sweden, Taiwan and Russia to produce the best quality children's science educational toy products for customers around the world. Alpha science toys factory team members are very busy, taking care of each customer's children's science educational toy product orders. In order to get a rest in the busyness of Alpha science toys factory's partners, Alpha general manager Tom-li booked a suburban vacation house over the weekend to have an interesting BBQ party with all Alpha partners to ease everyone's tension and create more scientific fun for children around the world at their best in the future. 

All the partners who arrived in, Alpha science toys factory soon arrived at the weekend to prepare food and beer for a day, to the Chinese style villa in the suburbs, where the most beautiful scenery and fresh air, so that every incoming Alpha science toys factory friends have been physically and mentally relaxed.

Alpha team vacation-toy factory

After all partners at Alpha science toys factory handling the food materials, under the leadership of Alpha general manager Tom-li, all Alpha science toys factory partners are divided into three teams, and we work together on Mini Game, which makes all Alpha science toys factory partners laugh, but also improves the tacit degree and cohesion among all partners, and can better work together to solve the difficult problems at work.

 General manager of Alpha-tom-li-toy manufacturers

After laughter, all Alpha science toys factory partners worked together to prepare delicious lunches., general manager Tom-li also made seafood for Alpha partners in particular to thank all partners for their efforts and encourage their efforts and contributions in 2019.

 General manager of Alpha-toy manufacturing companies

Alpha science toys factory Sales Manager Eric and Marketing Manager Tony lead the rest of the partners to prepare the ingredients and fruits BBQ needs.

Alpha team vacation-best toy companies

The best time in the world is lunchtime, when all good food is best served by being well prepared. Tom-li is dedicated to baking food for the Alpha team, hoping to make the Alpha science toys factory friends have a most memorable lunch moment and have fun and relax at Alpha's special weekend party.

After enjoying the delicious lunch that all the Alpha science toys factory partners worked hard to make, Alpha's weekend party officially began. Alpha's partners danced, sang, played games, talked about young people, told the current news, everyone released the pressure to work, everyone laughed and laughed, people became closer to each other, and team members became more familiar with their companions. Make everyone in Alpha science toys factory's big team more harmonious and powerful.

General manager of Alpha-toy manufacturing companies 

Alpha science toys factory's weekend party ended with laughter, and every Alpha partner was happy and relaxed, and Alpha's partners strengthened their dreams and goals of "making happiness for children around the world." The future Alpha science toys factory team will meet the new challenges in the best condition, help children's scientific educational toy brands and retail enterprises to do a good job in the design and production of products, and produce the best quality children's scientific educational toy products in the world. Trying to get the kids around the world We can get the knowledge and fun brought by children's scientific educational toys, better protect our earth, and move forward happily towards the higher future dream of mankind!

Alpha science toys factory happy team is looking forward to working with you, Alpha will continue to learn and grow, better help enterprises and brands, together towards the dream, Alpha always welcome your arrival!


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