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Alpha science toys:DIY magic bouncing balls

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Kids, do you know that simple household materials can make the most amazing educational science toys? Because science is everywhere, our human life is full of elements of science, as long as we have a pair of eyes good at exploration, we can find the existence of science. The children like the ball full of elastic best, today Alpha science classroom with the children with the common materials in the home DIY bouncing balls, through the interesting production process, learn interesting scientific knowledge, Do parents know that children can even use household ingredients to make bouncing balls? This is so cool! Parents and children absolutely love doing this educational science experiment together.

Alpha science classroom:Parents and children before making DIY bouncing balls, please pay attention to the following common sense, although the use of Borax for children's educational science experiment is a great DIY experiment for children's projects, bouncing balls can not be eaten, so parents should watch their children, do not let your children chew bouncing balls.

 Alpha science classroom:Elastic ball material preparation-diy bouncing balls

Alpha science classroom: material for DIY bouncing balls

1. Two cups

2.1 measuring spoon

3.1 coffee stir stick (or something for stirring solutions)

4.2 tablespoons of warm water

5.1 / 2 teaspoons borax (look in the washing powder section of the local store)

6.1 tablespoons of glue

7.1 tablespoons corn starch

8. Food coloring (optional)

9. Plastic bag (for storing balls)

Alpha science classroom: DIY bouncing balls steps


The children pour water and borax into the first cup and stir the mixture with a stir stick until it dissolves. Please note that we only use boiling water in the kettle, so that the mixture can quickly merge, and the children can do it with the help of parents operation, this step will be completed quickly.


The children poured a mixture of glue, corn starch, food coloring, and 1/2 teaspoon from the first cup into the second cup. First mix the glue, corn starch, and food coloring, and finally pour it into the borax mixture, stirring slowly, so we get the best results.


The children stayed there quietly for about 15 seconds and then stirred.


The children find that once the mixture becomes difficult to stir, carefully remove it from the cup and roll it into a ball.

Alpha science classroom tips: We want to keep the DIY bouncing balls for a longer time, we need to put the bouncy ball in a plastic bag, and then put the bouncy ball into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator when the children are not playing, so that the DIY bouncing balls can keep it The moisture and elasticity of the bouncy ball until it absorbs too much dust, parents must remember to discard it.

 Alpha science classroom:bouncy ball-educational science toys

Alpha science classroom the principle of a revelation: the activity of the bouncy ball shows an interesting chemical reaction, mainly between borax and glue. Borax acts as a "cross-linking agent" for the polymer molecules in the adhesive-basically, it will form molecular chains and they will stay together when you pick them up. Corn starch helps to bind the molecules together, thereby better maintaining their shape.

In the fun science experiment time of Alpha science classroom, we completed this great children's educational science experiment together. Do the children feel very magical? Do parents feel that there is a future scientist at home? Then quickly go with the children to do DIY bouncing ball to carry out this interesting children's educational science experiment!

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