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Alpha science toys:Detective Game Kit for Mongolian children bring scientific pleasure

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                                                                               Delivery time: April 19, 2021                           Destination:Mongolia            

                                                                               Product Type:kid's detective kits                   Product Quantity:2500 sets, 249cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  Inner Mongolia                         Mode of Transport:Trucking

Human beings have always explored science to understand the mysteries of the world, and technology is also an important force to help human beings continue to grow.

Alpha Science Toys Factory, as a well-known manufacturer of children's educational science kits, is also constantly providing the best learning help for children to learn scientific knowledge. Alpha Science Toys is one of the most popular toys for children in its line of kid's detective kits. At the same time, it has also won the favor of the Mongolian. In particular, 2500 sets of products have been customized in Alpha Science Toys Factory, hoping to cultivate Mongolian children's observation ability and logical thinking ability through kid's detective kit, so that children can enjoy the fun of science.

When Alpha Science Toys Factory received the cooperation intention from Mongolian toy brand owners, it especially held a remote video conference with Mongolian customers. The two sides communicated with each other about product requirements, color box design, product concept, payment method, delivery time, and transportation method, and also signed the cooperation plan.

And then, the marketing manager of Alpha Science Toys shared the customers' requirements in the product order meeting. Finally, made a detailed plan with the departments of procurement, research and development, production and quality inspection, and formulated a perfect and rigorous production plan for kid's detective explore kit.


Alpha Science Toys Factory believes that the quality of children's educational science kits is reflected in the use of raw materials.

When purchasing with R&D, choose a variety of different security material, for a variety of test and inspection of samples, in the end, will complete product sample, deliver of the global well-known inspection agencies test, after getting the inspection report of authority, ultimately determine the raw materials of the kid's detective kit, laid a solid foundation for high-quality product quality.

The production department of Alpha Science Toys Factory disinfected and sterilized the equipment, workshops, and personnel required for production during the selection of raw materials to ensure that the production process was carried out in a sterile environment to avoid causing health problems for children.

In the production process of kid's detective kits, Alpha Science Toys Factory's quality inspection team strictly controls every production link and repeated sampling tests to ensure that the product quality remains at a uniform level.

In the end, Alpha Science Toys Factory completed the order of 2500 sets of kid's detective kit products from Mongolian toy brands as scheduled. After a series of safety tests, such as box breaking and sampling inspection by Mongolian toy brand representatives, the products were shipped to Mongolia as scheduled.


Alpha Science Toys Factory, as a high-quality manufacturer of children's educational science kits, strives to produce the best science kits for children all over the world. We hope that the kid's detective kit can help Mongolian children in their learning process.

hope that these children will be able to better use technology for the benefit of the world in the future so that the earth will be filled with the joy of science and the laughter of children.


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