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Alpha science toys: cute magic water elf set delivers the best science fun to UK children

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-08      Origin: Site

                                                                               Delivery time:March 8, 2022                              Destination:England

                                                                               Product Type:magic water elf                            Product Quantity:22000 sets, 1800cases,

                                                                               Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                             Mode of Transport:Shipping

At the beginning of spring school time, children are learning textbook knowledge at the same time, after school fun science experiment kits are essential. Recently, alpha science toys factory got an OEM order from a British toy brand to customize 22,000 sets of magic water elf sets, hoping to send the best children's science experiment kits to British children in the new school season, and Alpha science toys factory as a quality China educational toy manufacturer, the goal is to help children make science dreams and improve learning opportunities. So that children can enjoy the magic of science even after school.

After getting the order demand from the British customer, alpha science toys factory arranged the professional account manager for the first time, opened the remote teleconference, recorded the various demands of the British toy brand customer, and answered the questions of product material safety, production cycle, production process and time cycle for the customer, which gained the recognition and trust of the British customer.


At the same time, the alpha science toys factory specially called the purchasing, R&D, production, and quality inspection departments to analyze the customer's product requirements in detail for this magic water elf set order, and each department sorted out the progress for the responsible one and finally made a perfect production time plan for the British toy brand, showing the professional ability and time concept of China educational toy manufacturer.

First, the purchasing department of the alpha science toys factory selected several raw materials needed for the magic water elf set and sent them to the R&D team for sample production and safety testing. After confirming that there is no error, the samples were sent to a well-known product testing organization for more stringent product testing, and the quality of the product fully complied with the EU toy standards and received a safety test report. The quality of the products fully complied with the EU toy standards and obtained the safety test report, which laid the foundation of quality and safety for the production work.

During the period, the production department of the alpha science toys factory sterilized the machines, production lines, workshops, and workers used in the production of magic water elf sets. According to the production plan, the production department arranged several production lines to make different product components according to the product needs, and carefully produced according to the EU safety standards. At the same time, the quality inspection department also carried out random inspections on each production line and packaging to avoid the impact of quality and safety problems.


Finally, with the joint efforts of the production and quality control departments, the production of the magic water elf set was completed on schedule at alpha science toys. Finally, the quality control department completed the dropbox test to ensure the safety of the products during transportation. The 22,000 sets of magic water elf set products were delivered to the shipping representative of the British toy brand on time, completing the OEM order.

Alpha science toys factory's near-perfect production capacity and quality standards conquered the British toy brand and gained a high degree of recognition and provisional acceptance, and also showed the British customer the strength of a China educational toy manufacturer and its attitude and efforts to make science dreams for children around the world. This time the magic water elf set can send the best learning help for British children so that children can enjoy the fun brought by scientific knowledge in a joyful way and become the greatest scientists in the future.


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