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Alpha science toys: cute magic water elf, send strange fun to Singapore children

Views: 18     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-29      Origin: Site

                                                                                           Delivery time:July 29, 2022                          Destination:Singapore

                                                                                           Product Type:magic water elf                      Product Quantity: 22000 sets, 5300cases,

                                                                                           Export Port:Qing Dao,  China                       Mode of Transport:Shipping

How can children enjoy their holidays in the summer heat without fun and educational toys for children to dare away the boring holidays? Recently, Alpha science toys received an order from a Singaporean toy brand for 22,000 sets of magic water elf and different educational toys for children. As a toy manufacturer in china, we also wanted to deliver the most special entertainment activities to Singaporean children during the holidays.

After Alpha science toy's factory marketing department received the demand from the Singaporean toy brand's customers, both sides had a remote video conference where the marketing manager introduced the details and advantages of the products and selling points, and also explained the strengths and advantages of the company for the customer in detail. The marketing manager introduced the details and advantages of the products, and also explained the strengths and advantages of the company.


After the Alpha science toys marketing manager finished the meeting with the customer, he invited purchasing, R&D, production, quality control, and other departments to hold a meeting on magic water elf product orders, sharing the various needs of Singapore toy brand customers to all departments, and according to different problems, the most perfect and professional product production schedule was made, for Singapore, The customer showed the professional and rich experience of toys manufacturer in china.

First of all, Alpha science toys factory procurement and R&D team, according to the magic water elf product order, specially selected the safety materials in the educational toy market, conducted safety tests, and repeatedly confirmed, then manufactured the magic water elf samples and sent them to the customer for confirmation, and also sent the samples to the professional product safety inspection We also send the samples to professional product safety inspection organizations to complete the EU toy safety tests to ensure the safety and quality of the products can reach the highest standards. We give our customers the most professional and authoritative guarantee so that they can see the professional attitude of toys manufacturer in china.

During this period, Alpha science toys factory's production and quality inspection departments disinfected and sterilized the production lines, equipment, workshops, and workers needed for the production of magic water elf, in preparation for the upcoming production of magic water elf products. During the production process, each team leader strictly controlled the product quality and progress of each production line to ensure that each product maintained a uniform quality standard, while the quality inspection department conducted strict random inspections to strictly prohibit the appearance of products with quality problems and provide the final guarantee for customers' products.

Finally, Alpha science toys factory completed the order from the Singapore toy brand on schedule, and after the final product packaging drop test, delivered 22,000 sets of magic water elf products to the customer's shipping agent, drawing a toy ending to the cooperation and showing Alpha science toys factory's professional experience and perfect service concept as a toys manufacturer in china.

Alpha-science-toys -factory's-Product-Product-shipment

In the future, Alpha science toys factory will continue to fulfill the concept and goal of making science fun for children all over the world, and strive to design and produce more high-quality and educational toys for children full of educational concepts to help children all over the world learn and entertain themselves better, help them fulfill their science dreams, and forge their bright future together with their parents.


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