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Alpha science toys: cute magic water elf kit to relieve the learning pressure of British children

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After the busy study, the children began to adapt to the days in school. In order to relieve the pressure of the children's study, alpha science toys, a China toy manufacturer, specially prepared the cute magic water elf kit for the children's start of school. The best helper to relieve children's learning pressure. Recently, Alpha science toys received an order from a British educational toy brand and commissioned Alpha science toys to produce 14,000 sets of magic water elf kits, hoping to provide Dutch children with the best entertainment to relieve stress in their spare time.

The marketing manager of Alpha science toys held a video conference on product details with British customers. During the meeting, the two parties communicated on product design, packaging, transportation, price, and other issues, and reached a preliminary order plan. In the magic water elf kit product order meeting, the marketing manager explained the product requirements of the British educational toy brand customers in detail to each department. The customer has formulated a rigorous and detailed production plan, showing the professionalism of China toy manufacturers, and laying a stable foundation for the cooperation between the two parties.


First of all, in order to ensure the safety and quality of products, the purchasing department and R&D department of Alpha science toys factory selected safe raw materials in the educational toys market before purchasing the raw materials for magic water elf kit products. After repeated product safety inspections, send the magic water elf kit sample to the customer for confirmation. At the same time, in order to prove the safety and quality of the product, the samples were sent to the well-known product testing laboratory, and strict testing was carried out in accordance with the European toy safety testing standards. Ensure that children will not affect their health during use. Finally, the magic water elf kit samples have undergone a variety of rigorous safety experimental tests and obtained the European testing certificate, giving customers the best quality assurance. All the work of purchasing raw materials has been completed, showing customers the production capacity and product quality of China toy manufacturers, in line with the superb craftsmanship and technology of international toy production.

The production department and quality inspection department of Alpha science toys factory will disinfect, sterilize and exterminate the equipment, production lines, workshops, and personnel required for the production of magic water elf kits in the process of raw material testing and procurement. After all the preparations are completed, the production department starts a number of production lines to carry out the busy manufacturing work. During the production process, the team leaders of each production line strictly supervise the production process. , to ensure that the quality of the product is at a uniform level and that there will be no defective products. According to the production schedule of the magic water elf kit, after the busy work of the production and quality inspection department of Alpha science toys factory, a series of tasks such as product assembly, packaging and sealing, and outer packaging has been completed.


Finally, after completing the product drop test, the Alpha science toys factory delivered 14,000 sets of magic water elf kits to the shipping representative of the British educational toy brand. A perfect ending for the order production of the magic water elf kit.

The autumn of 2022 is coming, Alpha science toys factory, as a professional Chinese toy factory manufacturer, will continue to work hard to make high-quality children's educational toys for children around the world, hoping to send them to children during their busy learning process. The best entertainment activities to eliminate their study pressure and give them the perfect school gift. Alpha science toys factory believes that the future will change in the hands of children.


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