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Alpha science toys:Cooperate with Made-in-China to create new business opportunities for global science toys for children

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-31      Origin: Site

In order to expand the global children's toy market of Alpha science toys in 2020 & preparation for the 2021 New Year, at the invitation of the Henan branch of Made In China cooperation, Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. And Made In China formed global partners, to jointly develop the children's toy market. Provide OEM and ODM service around the world scientific toy brands, produce more different types and high-quality children's toys products, send the world's children the best science toys for kids so that they can have science fun at home.

Xinxiang Alfa Industrial Co., Ltd. received the invitation from the Henan Branch of Made-in-China a few months ago, hoping that both sides could cooperate to create a market of high-quality scientific science toys for kids. General manager of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. Tom Lee and International department manager Eric Yuan visited the Zhengzhou branch of Made In China and were warmly reception by Mr. Liu, general manager of Henan Branch of Made-in-China. Mr. Liu introduced the detailed information of market advantage of Made In China, B2B network platform innovation technology advantages, online exhibition system, and global offline exhibition cooperation mode. At the same time, Tom also introduced Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. Development history and factory advantages, special emphasis is given to alpha science toys' global market share in recent years and its sales in previous years.  In the end, Tom also invited Mr. Liu to visit Alpha Science Toys Factory. In a cordial conversation, the two sides reached a preliminary intention of cooperation and worked out a simple plan for cooperation. In a harmonious atmosphere.


After back to the company, a special meeting was held by Tom to discuss and plan the upcoming cooperation with Made In China. After communication with professional operation personnel, Alpha science toys based on the platform advantages and characteristics of Made-in-China, a network promotion plan was formulated to promote alpha Science Toys brand series products and to promote the advantages of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. in the production and manufacturing of children's science toys. We will strive to promote the Big Bang Science brand under Alpha Science Toys to various countries around the world to gain more brand exposure.

At the began of Oct, Tom invited the general manager of Made In China, Mr. Liu, and Mr.Zhang to visit the Alpha science toy factory. Tom introduced alpha science toys owned a variety of production machinery and equipment, large-scale production workshop, warehouse workshop, product research, and development laboratory currently. explained characteristics and advantages of children's science toys in detailed, and the products developed by alpha Science Toys' well-known cooperation enterprises abroad are also displayed, as well as the sales data of alpha Science Toys' hundreds of millions of yuan in the international children's science toys market in recent years, which is recognized by General Manager Liu.

After a day's visit and communication, both two sides discussed the cooperation process in detail in the meeting room of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd., Mr. Zhang Tailor-made trade cooperation plan for Alpha Science Toys, which won the approval of Tom. The two parties have made detailed improvements on the cooperation plan, and finally signed the letter of intent of contract happily to complete the cooperation.

After signing the contract, Alpha science toys obtained the help of Made in China, and quickly established alpha science toys enterprise store, displaying high-quality children's science and intelligence products. At the same time, Made-China also took 360-degree panoramic photos of Alpha science toys factory, so that the production capacity and brand advantages of alpha science toys factory could be displayed in a three-dimensional manner to customers around the world, which perfectly explained the strength and advantages of All aspects of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.


The official website of Alpha science toys also cooperated with Made in China. After a series of store building and product information filling, the two sides completed the cooperation. In addition, Made in China also especially helped Alpha Science Toys to conduct two online trade fair live activities, and obtained customers' visits and inquiries from high-quality enterprises in 12 countries and regions around the world. As a result, Alpha Science Toys obtained more than 10 high-quality orders in a short period of time, realizing a good situation of mutual assistance and win-win. It also makes the world see China's manufacturing capabilities and advantages, and also shows the leading ability of Chinese people in the market field.

In the near further, Alpha science toys will cooperate with Made-in-China to develop and sell scientific toys for children all over the world, provide high-quality production services for world-famous children's science toy brands, send the best scientific toys for children around the world, help children learn scientific knowledge happily, and achieve the best future for the earth.


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