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Alpha science toys:Cooperate with Alibaba create children's science toy educational world

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Recently, the new office of Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd has welcomed special guests, who AliBaBa group henan branch, which important partner of Alpha Manufacturing Ltd, and 50 outstanding entrepreneurs from the Midwest invited to visit.As a high-quality partner of AliBaBa group, Alpha Manufacturing Ltd has sold high-quality Chirldren science educational toys for children to various countries around the world by AliBaBa in just one year, achieving an amazing sales volume of 100 million yuan. so Alibaba group invited nearly 50 outstanding entrepreneur in the Midwest region of China, came to the Alpha Manufacturing management experience and excellent company Ltd to visit and study e-commerce sales techniques, so that all the industries in the Midwest, let more Chinese outstanding enterprises can use the best quality products in China, to show high quality clients and buyers around the world, let the world know “made in china" charm and strength.

Alibaba cooperation news-science toy factory

Led by Rech,who general manager of AliBaBa group henan branch, more than 50 outstanding entrepreneurs from the central and western regions came to Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. Tom-li, who general manager of Alpha Manufacturing Ltd, warmly received 50 outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the central and western regions. Tom-li Shared with all outstanding entrepreneurs his years of experience in the development and management of Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.

Alibaba cooperation news-science toys supplier

Eric, sales manager of Alpha Manufacturing Ltd, introduced the development history and industrial structure of Alpha company in detail to the entrepreneurs, as well as the difficulties and solutions encountered in the cooperation with Alibaba group in recent years.and Experience and knowledge of sales field and team management.

Alibaba cooperation news-science toy manufacturer

Finally, Rech Shared the experience of cooperation with Alpha Manufacturing Ltd for many years as a classic case to 50 outstanding entrepreneurs, and also introduced the development direction and plan of AliBaBa group in the future.

Alibaba cooperation news-science educational toys

For many years, Alpha Manufacturing Ltd, as an important partner of Alibaba group, is also a star enterprise with the fastest development among many cooperative enterprises of Alibaba group.It all depends on the Alpha Manufacturing Ltd constantly learn from global best children's educational toys production experience and methods, especially in children's science educational toys Manufacturing and production technology and equipment constantly upgrading of industrial structure, make the Alpha Manufacturing Ltd in just a few years among the world's outstanding children science and educational toys production enterprise in the queue.

Since the establishment of Alpha Manufacturing Ltd in 2006, the number of children's science educational toys designed and produced by Alpha has reached a staggering 16299,658 sets. The children's science educational toys designed by Alpha have covered 39 countries and regions in the world.Alpha has developed from a simple manufacturer of educational toys for children to a national manufacturer of educational toys for children with its own brand.Especially in the children's science educational toys OEM and ODM, has rich experience and design concept.

Everything owned by Alpha Manufacturing Ltd now comes from the efforts of all Alpha partners and the help of Alibaba group's excellent B2B platform.In the future, Alpha Manufacturing Ltd will cooperate closely with Alibaba group, continue to hand in hand to deliver the best quality children's science  educational toys for children around the world, and send happy goals and dreams to every child, so that children can enjoy the help and fun brought by science, become the best science talents and protect our beautiful planet.


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