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Alpha science toys:Christmas children’s science toy products promotion

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-03      Origin: Site

As we approach the Christmas shopping season around the world, children also are looking forward to the festive season with gifts. Alpha science toys will have a live broadcast about childrens science toy promotion on December 12, in order to thank the global science toy brand for their support and help. During the live broadcast time, we have the preferential price, some products are 37% off, new products lucky draw, and more surprises. We look forward to your attendance.  

In 2020, Alpha science toys as a manufacturer of science toys for children has received orders of science toys from more than 20 countries around the world, with total revenue of over RMB 20 million. Alpha Science Toys will strive to provide professional children's science toys OEM and ODM services for global partners. And develop and design more interesting children's science toys series. We hope that children can enjoy the fun and help of scientific knowledge at any time.

In this Christmas of Alpha science toys promotional live activity, after two months the preparation and planning, specially selected before Christmas, In addition to thanking the long-term cooperation of children's science toys brands, alpha science toys also sent the best Christmas purchase discount price for the brands to cooperate. Alpha science toys hope to give you the most affordable purchase price of children's science toys at Christmas, as well as the best Christmas gift for children all over the world so that children can spend 2020 in joy.

Time: December 12 and December 31

Live message: You can participate in the lucky draw if you leave a message on the live show, the prize is 2 sets of 4 new products for  2021

Annual lowest price: the purchase price of children's science toys for Christmas is the lowest among all the discounts of alpha science toys in the whole year. If you order children's science toys in the live activity of alpha science toys YouTube, the promotion price of the products is lowest  at $3.3/set, and you will enjoy a big discount of 48% off

New product drawing: in this Christmas live broadcast activity of alpha science toys, you can enjoy the lucky draw after you place a purchase order. The prize is two sets of new products in 2021.

Above is the content of the Year-end Huge Benefit of Alpha Science Toys'  live show for Children's Science toys on Christmas day. More promotions are available in the live show. The content and final interpretation of the Christmas promotion activities are owned by Alpha Science Toys. welcome all the global partners and new customers to join us, the carnival of the Christmas shopping season.

Finally, Alpha science toys toy brands lucky blessing children around the world can enjoy preferential treatment in Christmas live events, cooperate together to create more excellent children's toys products,  send a special Christmas gift for the world of the children, let children happy spend Christmas 2020, enjoy learning help and pleasure brought by the science toys and make children's scientific dream come true.

Alpha Science Toys wishes the world a merry Christmas in advance. See you on December 12 on our YouTube channel!



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