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Alpha science toys: Children’s science toys are popular at a trade exhibition in India

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As the atmosphere of Christmas grows stronger, all the people in the Alpha science toy factory are busy preparing Christmas presents for the children which are interesting science educational toys. At this time, the product development manager of Alpha science toy factory Tony and the marketing manager Henry took the excellent children’s science educational toys to attended the trade exhibition in India. On one hand, Alpha science toy factory demonstrated its production technology and capacity in the exhibition, on the other “Big bang science” brand products were also displayed for Indian customers.

India show-alpha science toys

Alpha science toy factory’ s people took nearly two months to prepare this exhibition. The R&D team specially designed the children’s science educational toys kits with appropriate prices and more interesting for this exhibition. In order to let the Indian customers know more about the advantages and strengths of the Alpha science toy factory, as well as the details of the products, Alpha science toy factory specially invited Indian teachers to make the promotional video of the products and factory. The videos are available in English and Hindi that will be repeated at the exhibition. Many Indian customers think that videos are very helpful to know the Alpha science toy factory.

On the first day of the exhibition, the stand of the Alpha science toy factory attracted many Indian customers, who were asking for much information about children’s science educational toys. Tony and Henry explained the product details for each customer. Through the factory’s official website and product videos, they introduced to the customer the achievements and cooperation cases made by Alpha science toy factory in the children’s science toy industry over the years, which won the trust of many Indian customers and also get more product orders from Indian customers. 

India show-China-india trade fair

The stand of Alpha science toy factory become the focus of the exhibition. Many children’s science educational toys from China have conquered the hearts of Indian customers. At the same time, the Indian customers have learned about the help of children’s science educational toys for children's development. Alpha science toy factory has confirmed its confidence in continuing to develop science educational toy products for children.

Alpha science toy factory thinks children are the future of the world, science educational toys can help children learn scientific knowledge that will continue the development of civilization. Alpha science toy factory has gained a lot of valuable experience in the Indian exhibition, and in the future, Alpha science toy factory will make Indian customers more satisfied. Producing interesting science educational toys and bring knowledge and fun to children are goals of everyone in the Alpha science toy factory.


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