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Alpha science toys:Children's educational toys summer discount -Up to 40% Off

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The year 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Alpha Science Toys Factory, an honor for an outstanding children's educational toy manufacturer. Over the years, Alpha Science Toys has been constantly learning the world's top children's educational toys design philosophy, developing its own brand Big Bang Science children's educational toys, winning the trust and support of many well-known toy brands around the world. Today, on the special day of the 15th anniversary of Alpha Science Toys, we are giving back to our global customers by offering a discount of up to 40% on our summer educational toys. We hope to bring special gifts to our global partners in the summer.

At the beginning of 2006, Alpha Science Toys Factory has been helping Wal-Mart with OEM and ODM work as the supplier of children's educational toys. From a simple team to continue to learn and absorb talents from all aspects, step by step to growing into an excellent children's educational toy manufacturer. In this period, the general manager of Alpha Science Toys, Tom-Li, led the team to seriously study the global children's education concept and production technology, and strictly control every link and quality of products. Integrate the world's top children's educational toy manufacturing technology into the work, and establish a production technology and road suitable for the development of Alpha Science Toys Factory.


Since 2010, Alpha Science Toys Factory has been continuously absorbing outstanding graduates and professionals from various universities and colleges and has successively established research and development, procurement, design, network team, production, and quality control team. At the same time, the cooperation between Alpha Science Toys Factory and Wal-Mart is deepening continuously. The categories of children's educational toys produced by Alpha Science Toys Factory are increasing continuously, and the product quality is also improving continuously, which has won the unanimous praise of Wal-Mart Group and consumers.

In 2017, Alpha Science Toys Factory started its own children's educational toy brand, Big Bang Science, and successfully registered the brand in the United States. We begin to transform into a company with independent brand research and development, production, and sales through learning and continuous growth. During this period, Alpha Science Toys also got the opportunity to cooperate with Target Group in the United States through online promotion, to develop the OEM and ODM of children's educational toys, which made Alpha Science Toys occupy a place in the global children's educational toy market.

The year 2019 is an important milestone for Alpha Science Toys' development. Alpha Science Toys has established a cooperation plan with Alibaba Group under the efforts of General Manager Tom-Li and Foreign Trade Manager Eric. Besides, which opens an important step of global network promotion and has also built an official website to vigorously promote the Big Bang Science toy series in various aspects, and has won cooperation opportunities with three major toy brands in the United States. Alpha Science Toys' corporate brand and status have been greatly improved. In 2019, The annual sales volume of children's educational toys produced by Alpha Science Toys has reached an astonishing 3000w sets,, which were exported to 45 countries and regions around the world, and sent the best children's educational toys and scientific learning help to 500 million children around the world.


After 15 years of development and accumulation, Alpha Science Toys Factory has become a world-renowned children's educational toy manufacturer. On this special occasion in 2021, Alpha Science Toys Factory has not forgotten the dream of making science fun for children all over the world. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Alpha Science Toys Factory and the International Children's Day, we will offer special discounts on 11 kinds of children's educational toys under Big Bang Science, with a maximum discount of up to 40% off.To thank our partners around the world for their support in helping children through times of disaster. Alpha Science Toys only wants to deliver special summer gifts to children all over the world and does not expect big sales.

In the future, Alpha Science will continue to lead the team to produce more high-quality educational toys for children to enjoy the help and fun of science and grow up healthily.



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