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Alpha science toys: Build the science dream for children together with US Toy Brands.

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-15      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: On October 15, 2020                    Destination:American           

                                                                        Product Type:kids kitchen set                             Product Quantity:2500 sets, 267 cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                             Mode of Transport:Shipping

It is very important for Alpha science toys to develop a new market as it can bring new customers for our toy brand Big Bang Science and expand its influence, bring more fun, and help for more children. Recently, Alpha science toys got a new order from a US toy brand with 2500pcs kids kitchen set through an effort by marketing dept. It helps our brand Big Bang Science Toys to get more recognition in the US market.


The new order of kids kitchen set from new customers is with less qty but it is very important for our brands Big Bang Science. Everyone in Alpha science toys is very careful to handle it.

The marketing dept in Alpha science toys held a meeting when received this order from our new customer. Each dept gave a better suggestion and plan per the customer’s requirement to make a final perfect product plan. We provided the best cooperation sincerity and the best quality service for the American children's educational science toys brand.

Through efforts and development for many years, Alpha science toys’ toy brand, Big Bang Science, has developed many customers located in the EU, Africa, and East Asia. The progress is slow to develop the US market. However, it gives Alpha science toys a better base to develop the US market by working with US toy brands this time. All in Alpha science toys look forward to this cooperation.

The PD team in Alpha science toys conducted product quality and safety testing per US toy standard. Also, these toys were sent to a world-famous lab to conduct testing to ensure the safety to meet the requirement. It can also ensure the product quality.

Alpha science toys have produced the best kids kitchen set for US toy brands. Each has been inspected by the QA dept. The quality could be ensured.


Alpha science toys have completed the order of kids' kitchen set on schedule and the safety report was sent to our customer immediately after it was completed. It proved our quality and enhanced the confidence for US toy brands. Alpha science toys hope it is a good start with US toy brands and the best start for Big Bang Science toys as well.

Alpha science toys delivered this customized order of 2500pcs kids kitchen set to US toy brands smoothly. Alpha science toys hope the perfect cooperation to begin a new chance for Big Bang Science toys to get more recognition and welcome by more children in the US market. Alpha science toys will develop more series products with science knowledge and fun intelligent science under Big Bang Science for children all over the world. Also, it can help US children on learning and the ability to come true to their dreams.


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