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Alpha science toys: Big Bang Science is a brand that promotes Science for children in Singapore

Views: 27     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-15      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: January 15, 2021                     Destination:Singapore           

                                                                        Product Type:science experiment for kids        Product Quantity:3000 sets, 750cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

In 2020, after the cooperation between alpha science toys and excellent toy brand in Southeast Asian countries, its brand big bang science experiment kit for kids series products have been sought after and sold in Southeast Asian markets. In 2021, alpha science toys received product orders from Singapore toy brands. They chose alpha science toys to brand big bang science series products with a total of 3000 sets. Alpha science toys have gained initial influence and have been recognized by the children's toy market and consumers. Alpha science toys hope that the science experiment kit for kids will be loved by children and help Singaporean children learn scientific knowledge.

The in-depth cooperation between alpha science toys and Singapore toy brands has brought rich and real market data support for the brand promotion of big bang science. alpha science toys Factory also attached great importance to this product order. It convened several product order meetings on the market, procurement, R & D, production and quality inspection, repeatedly discussed and planned, re-strengthened the work details of each stage of science experiment kit for kids products, adjusted the component specifications, production process, and structured process, and improved the safety and quality standards The quality of science experiment for kids of Big bang science should be safe.


First of all, the purchasing department of Alpha Science Toys Factory selects the materials that meet the European and American standards in the raw material inventory. After passing the strict safety inspection of the quality inspection department and strict disinfection and sterilization, the materials are delivered to the production department for preparation before production.

Before the production of science experiments kit for kids, the production department of Alpha Science Toys Factory specialized in eliminating the required production personnel, production equipment, and packaging color boxes. According to the new product quality standard, the production and packaging work, during which the quality inspection department carried out sampling inspection to ensure the safety and quality of the products, and kept under the unified quality standard.

Alpha Science Toys Factory is completing a series of production, safety inspection, packaging dropbox tests. The finished products of scientce experiments kit for kids  are placed in the warehouse, waiting for the product safety report from the third-party well-known product testing company.

Alpha Science Toys Factory completed all the work before the delivery date and delivered 3000 sets of science experiments kit for kids agreed by the Singapore toy brand to the customer's shipping representative, demonstrating the professional capabilities of Alpha Science Toys to the customers in Singapore.


In 2021, Alpha Science Toys will have a good market prospect and potential for its own brand and products. For this purpose, Alpha Science Toys will continue to learn and improve, and accumulate high-quality experience in the manufacturing of science experiments kit for kids. Enrich the types and scientific knowledge of Big Bang Science brand products, develop more high-quality toy products, and strive forward towards the goal of creating scientific fun for children around the world!



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