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Alpha science toys attend the India trade fair

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Trade fairs held in different parts of the world were welcomed by distributors and trading companies from the whole industry. Alpha science toys factory also attended trade fairs from different countries to show its excellent quality of children science toys and make people all over the world have a better understanding of Alpha science toys factory that owned the best science toys brand and products. In the 7th China (India) trade expo in 2019, cum home furnishing gift exhibition Bombay convention & exhibition center, Alpha science toys factory will show the excellent products and company strength of Alpha science toys brand to customers in India. At the same time, we will bring interesting toys full of scientific fun to children in India.

 Indian client-science toys

Today, four people in charge of the China office in India fair made a special trip to Alpha science toys factory to know Alpha children's science toys products and factory strength. At the same time, China and India trade show staffs explained in detail the process and advantages of the trade fair to Alpha science toys factory to help Alpha science toys factory understand all the preparation process.

 Indian client-science kits

The market manager Eric and his assistant Chris of Alpha science toys factory watched the video of introducing the production line and another hardware facility together. Meanwhile, they also showed the whole experiment process and the different creative operation of science toys of Alpha science toys factory to Indian trade fair staff to introduce a various aspects of capacity and best quality products of Alpha science toys factory in detail. 

Indian exhibition staffs had a better understanding of children's science toys though the video and they believed Alpha science toys factory must stand out from the upcoming India trade fair. Besides, the Indian trade fair staff also expressed good wishes for Alpha science toys factory's visit to India.

 Indian client-science lab toys

After a three-hour conversation between Alpha science toys factory and the Indian trade show staff, the Indian trade show staff made the most comprehensive trade fair plan for Alpha science toys factory, and the two sides signed a detailed cooperation plan.

In the upcoming, the friendly trade between China and India, Alpha science toys factory will make efforts to bring excellent children science toys of Alpha science toys factory to customers in India to accelerate the development of the Indian market together. At the same time, Alpha science toys factory will also send the best quality science toys to Indian children to help them learn more interesting scientific knowledge, so that they could grow up as healthy as global children.



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