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Alpha science toys: American parents need to follow standards when choosing children’s science educational toys

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Christmas is coming, many parents are shopping for Christmas presents for their children. Meanwhile, some parents have a dilemma about whether the childrens toys are safe? Alpha science toy factory will teach parents how to choose safe and high-quality childrens science educational toys in detail to solve this dilemma of parents. A safe science educational toy can ensure that children are not threatened by safety problems when they do some science experiments. Let children learn more scientific knowledge in a safe environment.

Alpha science toy factory thinks that the United States has the most stringent toy safety standards in the world. Therefore, when children’s science educational toys enter the market, they must be tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure the safety and quality of each product and sold by legitimate retailers.

 toy safety standards

How to choose suitable science educational toys for different ages children in the family? Alpha science toy factory will help parents to choose science educational toys in several aspects.

1. Age Grading

According to a random survey of 1000 parents by Alpha science toy factory, 90 percent of American parents believe their children can play with toys even if they are younger than recommended. However, the age grading of toys has nothing to do with children’s intelligence. Toy-makers indicate that the age grading of toys are designed to help children of different ages develop abilities and learn knowledge. When children play with toys above their age grading, they may be harmed by abuse of the toy. Therefore, parents should refer to the suggested age grading on the packing of toys to make sure that there are no safety hazards when children playing toys.

2. Small Parts

Alpha science toy factory reminds parents to pay attention to small parts of toys, especially 3+ children’s toys. Because the small parts in toys can be a choking hazard for 3+ children. All children's science educational toys that contain small parts are labeled. Parents are advised to pay attention to and consider using a small part detector (most toy stores sell them) to detect small parts in toys to ensure the safety of children.

3. Counterfeits

Alpha science toy factory survey that 30% of parents buying children’s science educational toys did not have safety tests. In addition, toy retailers sell toys that must be passed more than 100 federal toy standards and tests to ensure toy safety. Therefore, parents should know the seller information and toy product information before buying toys to ensure the legality and safety of children’s science educational toys. Parents can also purchase directly from the official website to make sure the products are genuine.

4. Household Dangers

Parents know that children can find any objects to play and some of them are not toys, such as magnets, button batteries. There items that contain metals and chemicals that are not suitable for children to play and can be dangerous if swallowed carelessly. Therefore, parents must place these dangerous materials out of the reach of their children to ensure that their children will not be injured due to these factors.

Alpha science toy factory is a manufacturer of toys for children’s science education toys. We are deeply aware of the importance of the safety of children’s scientific educational toys to children. Therefore, Alpha science toy factory always pays attention to the safety and quality of products. The Alpha science toy factory also encourages parents to share their experiences in buying science educational toys. Let more children use science educational toys correctly. Ensure the safety of science educational toys.

Alpha science toy factory is committed to the design and production of children’s science educational toys. We hope that every child can grow up in a safe and happy atmosphere.


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