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Alpha science toys: Alpha and Alibaba Group work together to create a new future for the Belt and Road

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In the context of Chinese government’s continuous promotion of “One Belt, One Road” innovative economic program in 2019, the excellent Alpha science toys also actively participated in this great economic exchange activity, and was conduct business activities in a friendly manner with many countries involved in the “One Belt and One Road”.At present, Alpha science toys high-quality children's science educational toys products have been successfully sold to 26 member countries of One Belt and One Road”. From the nearest Malaysia to the farthest Nigeria, there are Alpha quality children's science educational toys products. In a short period of time, Alpha science toys has been sought after and loved by children from 26 countries, Alpha science toys helping children to acquire scientific knowledge and fun, they also giving children a happy childhood memory.

2019 is an important year for Alpha science toys, a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of children's science educational toys. After the development of Alpha in 2018, Alpha Manufacturing Ltd accumulated a lot of experience and scientific ideas in the development and production of science educational toy products, which made Alpha science toys gain the trust and love of customers in Europe and North America. Over the years, Alpha Manufacturing Ltd has worked closely with the Alibaba Group. Alpha science toys, as a gold medal seller for the B2B platform, provides customization and development of highest quality science educational toys for children and distributors around the world. At the same time, Alpha constantly develops and designs new children's science educational toys, constantly discovers new market countries, and provides high-end and excellent scientific educational toys products to help children become best scientists.

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Recently, Alibaba Group's Hangzhou headquarters B2B platform specially sent excellent operation expert Wang Bo to explain various new marketing activities and marketing ideas of Alibaba platform for Alpha science toys, helping Alpha Manufacturing Ltd to display advanced science educational toys on B2B platform, so that more science educational toy companies from foreign countries can see the excellent side of Chinese science educational toy manufacturing enterprises.

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Wang Bo, Director of Operations from Alibaba's Hangzhou Headquarters, explained the new rules and advantages of various activities on Alibaba B2B platform to Tom Li, the general manager of  Alpha science toys, and operators. At the same time, he developed a multi-lingual science educational toy product promotion method for Alpha science toys, it making many countries know about Alpha Manufacturing Ltd from China in the event of “One Belt and One Road”.

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Wang Bo has made detailed analysis of industry big data and customer market goals for Alpha science toys products. At the same time, he helped Alpha analyze the future product development market, and the cooperation between Alibaba and Alpha science toys is guaranteed. This is their bright future for future development.

The operators of Alpha science toys discussed various issues with Wang Bo of Alibaba. The questions of Alpha science toys were answered and helped by Wang Bo.

Wang Bo, an operation expert of Alibaba Group's Hangzhou headquarters, has developed an excellent product promotion program for children's educational toys for Alpha science toys in the past three hours of good communication with the operators of Alpha science toys. He help Alpha show the most professional and excellent side of Chinese science educational toy manufacturing company in Alibaba, the world's largest B2B platform, and enable more outstanding companies and brands around the world to see the spirit and attitude of Alpha, a Chinese science educational toy manufacturing enterprise. To help children around the world gain a deeper understanding of the science knowledge hidden in these educational toys, so that children can get basic science knowledge and fun in their play, improve their children's abilities, let children go better towards their bright future.

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Alpha science toys believes that hard work will get most beautiful return, and will produce most interesting science educational toys for children, so that every child who buys  Alpha science toys has most beautiful childhood memories. Alpha Manufacturing Ltd uses love to create a magical world of science for children, Alpha looks forward to cooperating with you.





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