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Alpha Science Toys: Adorable Slime Toy set to Keep America's Kids Away from Summer's Heat

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-07      Origin: Site

                                                                                          Delivery time:On June 7, 2022                Destination:America

                                                                                          Product Type:Slime Toy set                      Product Quantity: 11000 sets, 6050cases,

                                                                                          Export Port:Qing Dao, China                   Mode of Transport:Shipping

In the hot summer, kids need fun toys that will keep kids entertained in the heat. As an excellent China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Science Toys Factory is also responsible for children's education. Recently, Alpha Science Toy Factory received an order from an old customer of a large supermarket in the United States to customize 11,000 sets of slime toys for children, hoping to give American children a special summer gift.

The cooperation between Alpha science toys factory and the old customers of American supermarkets has been more than 8 years. The two sides have maintained a stable cooperative relationship, providing many excellent science education toys for American children. After the account manager of Alpha science toys received the order from the purchasing department of the supermarket, the two parties held an online video conference in a tacit understanding and communicated about the product details of the slime toy set. The mode of transportation was communicated in detail. The marketing manager of Alpha science toys organizes a special product demand table according to the requirements of American supermarket customers. In the order meeting with the R&D, purchasing, production, and quality inspection departments share the interpretation for each team. All departments have also formulated a professional and strict production schedule for the children's slime toy set products according to customer needs, demonstrating the professionalism and rich experience of China educational toy manufacturers, and have been recognized and confirmed by American supermarket customers.


First of all, the R&D and purchasing department of alpha science toys factory, according to the needs of customers, purchases safe and environmentally friendly children's slime toy set raw materials, conducts repeated safety tests, produces samples, and sends them to customers, waiting for customer confirmation. At the same time, the samples of children's slime toy sets are sent to the product testing agency designated by the customer for strict American toy safety inspection and testing. Soon, Alpha science toys factory won the recognition of American supermarket customers and the safety testing report of well-known testing institutions with its excellent educational concept and safety quality in its products.

The production and R&D department of Alpha science toys factory, while waiting for the customer to confirm and test the slime toy set samples, carried out disinfection and sterilization work for the required production workshop, production line, equipment, and personnel according to the production plan. After obtaining the product confirmation and product safety inspection report, the production department will start the production of slime toy set products as soon as possible. Strict sampling and testing ensure that the quality of products in terms of packaging, safety, health, and other aspects is maintained in a unified standard so that customers can see the professional and responsible attitude of a China educational toy manufacturer and give slime toy set the best quality assurance.

Soon, with the close cooperation of various departments of the alpha science toys factory, the orders for 11,000 slime toy sets customized by customers in American supermarkets were completed as scheduled. After completing the final product packaging drop test, the slime toy set product was delivered to the customer's freight representative, and the product transportation was started as planned.


Alpha Science Toys' partnership with a US supermarket customer is a microcosm of the close collaboration between the two parties. It also adds a new experience to the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries and continuously enhances the tacit understanding of cooperation. At the same time, Alpha Science Toy Factory has also added a wealth of product production experience, accelerating Alpha's goal of creating scientific dreams and fun for children all over the world. important.

As one of the manufacturers of educational toys in China, Alpha Science Toys Factory hopes that American children and children around the world can enjoy the help of slime toys and educational toys, and the magical fun in them, adding fun to children's lives. Let children have rainbow-like childhood memories.


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