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Alpha Science Toys: Adorable Slime Toys Bring Special Fun To French Children

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-28      Origin: Site

                                                                                        Delivery Time:September 28, 2023            Destination:France

                                                                                        Product Type:Slime Toys                            Product Quantity:25000sets, 6200 cases,

                                                                                        Export Port:Qing Dao, China                      Mode of Transport:Shipping

As a China Educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Toys had its busiest month of the year in the global purchasing quarter in September. Through our efforts, Alpha Science Toys became a world-renowned brand of children's educational science toys in September, providing the highest quality OEM and ODM services. Alpha Science Toys has manufactured nearly 100,000 high-quality children's educational science toy products for more than 10 countries around the world in the first half of 2023 and has been highly praised by customers.

Recently, Alpha Science Toys has obtained the opportunity to cooperate with a well-known French children’s educational science toy brand. Alpha Science Toy Factory received an order for 25,000 sets of children's physics toys and slime toys customized by a French children's educational science toy brand this time, delivering high-quality products full of scientific fun to French children and adding value to children studying at home. - New fun and energy.

Meet the various requirements of French customers for children's educational science products

To ensure the highest quality and safety of children's physical toys and slime toys, Alpha Science Toys' purchasing and R&D teams focus on selecting safe and non-toxic materials. The Procurement and Research Department carefully scrutinized the safety standards set by the French government for children's toys. After sample testing and evaluation, the samples will be handed over to the product testing agency specified by the customer for safety testing. After the product materials pass the safety inspection, the purchasing department will hand over the selected materials to the production department for further processing.


OEM production process

After receiving the raw materials, Alpha Science Toys' production department coordinates the necessary arrangements for the production floor and machines. Take strict disinfection and sterilization measures to maintain a hygienic production environment. Throughout the entire production process of children's physical toys and slime toys, the quality control department conducts strict inspections and tests on semi-finished and finished products to ensure that they meet the prescribed quality standards.

Storage and transportation

Alpha Science Toys' warehousing department conducts a thorough inspection of packaging and labels before placing children's physical toys and slime toys into storage. In addition, these children's physical toys and slime toy products undergo rigorous drop tests in cooperation with the quality control department. To ensure product safety during transportation, all products are carefully sterilized. Alpha Science Toys documents the condition of the products through photos and videos before handing them over to the shipping company, providing real-time updates to French customers. This transparent approach not only demonstrates the strict control of the product production process by Chinese educational toy manufacturers but also demonstrates the professionalism of Alpha Science Toys, allowing customers to feel the trust and confidence in the cooperation between the two parties.

The cooperation was successfully completed

Through the seamless cooperation between Alpha Science Toys Company and French brands, 25,000 sets of children's physical toys and slime toys customized by French customers were successfully delivered on schedule.

Here, Alpha Science Toys would like to express its gratitude to our global partners for bringing Alpha Science Toys closer to our goal of "creating scientific dreams for children around the world". Alpha Science Toys sincerely hopes that French children can enjoy a happy and safe learning experience, and hopes that the toys produced by Alpha Science Toys can help them learn scientific concepts, cultivate dreams, and create a better future.


In short

Alpha Science Toys' cooperation with a well-known French children's educational science toy brand not only demonstrates Alpha's expertise in manufacturing high-quality toys but also strengthens its commitment to promoting children's happy learning experience. As a China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha Science Toys has once again proven its commitment to providing the best educational toys for children by adhering to strict safety standards, using innovative materials, and ensuring efficient production and shipping processes. As the company continues to pursue excellence, we look forward to progress and development, cooperating with more successful children's educational science toy brands, and inspiring young people around the world to grow up happily.


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