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Alpha Science Toys: Adorable Magic Water Elf Toys Bring Science Fun To Dutch Children

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-17      Origin: Site

                                                                                      Delivery Time:June 17, 2023                 Destination:Netherlands

                                                                                      Product Type:Magic Water Elf Toys      Product Quantity:23000sets, 4200 cases,

                                                                                      Export Port:Qing Dao, China                Mode of Transport:Shipping

During the global purchasing season, Alpha Science Toys, as a high-quality China educational toy manufacturer, provides the highest quality OEM and ODM services for world-renowned children’s educational science toy brands. To thank global customers for their support, Launched product promotions, which have been well received by customers from different countries around the world.

Recently, Alpha Science Toys has won the trust and cooperation opportunity of a well-known Dutch children's educational science toy brand. This time, Alpha Science Toys Factory received an order for 23,000 sets of Magic Water Elf Toys from a Dutch children's educational science toy brand, hoping to send high-quality products full of scientific fun to Dutch children in the hot summer, and to help children learn at home Add new fun and vitality to your children.

First, the marketing department of Alpha Science Toys conducted a remote video conference with the Dutch children's educational science toy brand, during which the two sides communicated product design and details. The manufacturer has documented production requirements for Magic Water Elf Toys products. Dutch customers have highly recognized and trusted Alpha Science Toys for its professionalism and service attitude.

After Alpha Science Toys received the product order from the Dutch children's educational science toy brand, Alpha Science Toys convened four departments: R&D, procurement, production, and quality inspection. Regarding the Magic Water Elf Toys order from the Dutch customer, the marketing manager Interpreted the requirements of the Dutch toy brand for this product in detail, discussed and analyzed various departments, and formulated a scientific and rigorous production time plan for Magic Water Elf Toys for the customer, showing the customer China The professional ability and rich experience of the toy factory manufacturer quickly completed the pre-production plan before the product was produced.

First, Alpha science toys factory’s R&D and procurement departments select various raw materials for safety testing and finally select the safest and high-quality raw materials in the educational toy market, make Magic Water Elf Toys samples, and send them to customers to confirm the products. Send the pieces to a professional product testing agency for the EU toy safety standard test to obtain a professional and authoritative product test report. After a series of material preparations were completed, Alpha science toys factory started the production of Magic Water Elf Toys products. At the same time, It also demonstrated the quality attitude of Alpha Science Toys as a China educational toy manufacturer to Dutch customers.


According to the plan, the Alpha science toys factory production and R&D team prepared the production lines, equipment, and workshops needed for the production of the Alpha science toys factory for disinfection, sterilization, and pest control. During the production process of Magic Water Elf Toys, the production and quality inspection departments carried out strict supervision and random inspection of each link of product production to ensure that the products have no quality problems and avoid any hidden quality problems. Send high-quality products that are safe and meet EU quality standards to Dutch toy brand customers and Dutch children.

Finally, after the hard work of the production department of Alpha science toys factory, the French brand partner Magic Water Elf Toys product order was completed on schedule. After the last round of box-dropping tests and disinfection by the quality inspection department, the products were put into a special warehouse and waited for the start of transportation.

Alpha science toy factory will take photos and videos before handing them over to the shipping company, let the Dutch customers know the status of the product before delivery, let the customer know the real-time situation during the product transportation, and give the customer the best OEM service. To show the professional attitude of Alpha Science Toys as a China educational toy manufacturer to French customers, and at the same time let Alpha Science Toys global customers see every service we do with our heart, and give customers the most intuitive feeling.


In the end, the first cooperation between Alpha science toys and the Dutch children's educational science toy brand was successfully completed, and 2,300 sets of Magic Water Elf Toys were delivered to the customer's freight representative as scheduled. Here, Alpha science toys partners would like to thank our global partners for bringing us one step closer to the goal of "creating scientific dreams for children around the world". We hope that children in the Netherlands can learn and grow happily and spend a new year in 2023 happy summer.

Alpha science toys factory, as a China educational toy manufacturer with responsibilities and dreams, will continue to manufacture more interesting and scientific educational toys for children around the world in the future, helping children learn science and helping those who love science Children, plant the seeds of science and grow into excellent scientists in the near future, helping our beautiful earth to become happier and happier.


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