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Alpha science toys:2019 Henan “The Belt and Road” Investment and Trade Exhibition

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In 2019,the development of China's foreign trade is also becoming more and more mature, especially in the new way of the Chinese government to continuously promote the bilateral trade cooperation of " The Belt and Road" countries, and help the various enterprises in China to have more opportunities for development. Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd.  has developed very well that have the advantage of such external economic and trade, and also made Alpha science toys an excellent child scientific education toy brand that has gained market recognition and children's favorite among the various countries of the world.

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In 2019, the Chinese government is pushing forward the "The Belt and Road" 's economic development mode, vigorously promoting the bilateral trade between China and the 49 countries, and all levels of the Chinese government organization have also held various of exchanges and exhibitions of foreign trade. The Commerce Department of the henan provincial government also invited 200 overseas enterprises and 700 domestic enterprises from 45 countries and regions to gather in Zhengzhou, and Henan each district excellent enterprise carries on the trade the discussion, seeks the common development the good opportunity.Alpha science toys as a number of excellent foreign trade enterprises in Xinxiang, Henan, the enterprise has also emerged from the continuous innovation and development for many years, and has received the sincere invitation from the Business Bureau of the Henan Provincial Government, and take part in the "The joint meeting of the cross-border investment and trade project of the business and commerce enterprise of Henan Province in 2019". It shows the advantage of Alpha science toys and the excellent products of the children's science education toy, which has left a deep impression on the trade team of each country.

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As the enterprise representative of Xinxiang, Henan Alpha science toys, video of Alpha company demonstrates the strength of Alpha science toys excellent enterprises and the advantages of scientific production process. From the aspects of production, packaging, product testing, product design and other aspects of details, it introduces each link of Alpha scientific production in detail.The excellent children's science education toy products that are popular in different countries around the world will be displayed, so as to further help the representatives of trade enterprises in different countries to understand the advantages of Alpha science toys in various aspects.

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The staff of our Alpha science toys Lois Lee, explained the features of science toy products that produced by our Alpha Manufacturing Ltd. to the clients from Italy, Ukraine and African countries, and showed the world's children favorite slime toys to Ukrainian customers, and introduced the features and advantages of Alpha slime products. At the same time,they discussed the relevant details of the cooperation.

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During the three days of the "meeting on Cross-border Investment and Trade projects of Henan Province Industry and Commerce Enterprises in 2019", Alpha science toys, as the only toy manufacturer engaged in children's science education, attracted inquiries and talks from many national trade representative enterprises. Also got the cooperation intention of many countries excellent enterprise, in this Henan industry and commerce trade meeting,Alpha science toys not only showed its own company advantage, but also learned the outstanding side of other enterprises.In 2019, in the development of foreign trade, Alpha science toys will continue to upgrade and transform the best quality ideas in the production and design of children's science and education toys. To provide the most professional and high-quality OEM and ODM services for more and more children's toy brands around the world, to produce high-quality and safe children's science education toys, and to achieve win-win cooperation with the cooperative enterprises. At the same time, it brings the safest and funniest scientific educational toys for children all over the world, so that children can acquire scientific knowledge in play, understand the earth of our life, and give children a beautiful child full of scientific knowledge and sweet memories of wonderful childhood.At the same time to the children of science dreams with flying wings, better to fly into the future.


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