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Alpha science toys:2019 Annual Festival --Dream to sail

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2018 Xinxiang Alpha Manufacturing Ltd, after breaking through the happy time of one hundred million sales, Alpha science toys ushered the most important annual ceremony time in 2019. For this happy moment, all Alpha people devote themselves to preparing a month's time, on this day, we gave best wishes to all partners of Alpha science toys, we were singing and dancing, to share the happy time together.
In the past 2018, Alpha has experienced storms and challenges, in the past years, Alpha science toys faced many difficulties, but under everyone effort and struggle of Alpha science toys, everything has been solved. We believe that we can realize the dream of “bring the world’s children into science”, help children to come true their science dreams, give them the best future.

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At the beginning of the annual ceremony, the general manager of Alpha science toys Tom Li summarized the company’s development and growth and read out the company’s development plan and goal.
Alpha General Manager TOM Li said: in the past 2018, Alpha science toys achieved one hundred million sales. At the same time of rapid development, Alpha also has high standards for product quality and technological innovation.

In this 2019 ,Alpha science toys will increase the design and R&D of science education toys,and enhance to control the quality of product ,At the same time, the service management mechanism of OEM and ODM of Alpha science toys has been deeply reformed to provide customers with higher quality products. At the same time, we should cultivate the professional level of sales department, better provide customers with the most comprehensive and professional cooperation plans and services, expand the sales market, and achieve win-win in trade with more customers.

With regard to brands, alpha will strengthen the promotion of the Alpha science toys brand Big Bang Science, make more countries and children realize Alpha science toys, and help more children understand the knowledge and fun contained in scientific phenomena. At the same time, Alpha has actively participated in social welfare activities, offering more job opportunities and helping more children to live and study. Alpha Science Toys is dedicated to the love and strength of Alpha Science Toys. We believe that in the new 2019, with the joint efforts of all partners, Alpha Science Toys will better march towards the top science toys enterprises, produce better products for customers and children around the world, and let the world know the brand of Alpha Science Toys.

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In TOM LI's brilliant speech and belief blessing, Alpha's annual grand festival of round dream in 2019 began. All Alpha's partners sang and danced, turning the efforts and efforts of 2018 into a sweet laugh, sharing a warm and happy moment and celebrating a beautiful moment together.

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2018, all Alpha partners faced many challenges and opportunities , but each of Alpha's partners has not gave up, united as one, constantly overcame difficulties and achieved success. Alpha is doing a great career. It is the dream and goal of everyone in Alpha to make our children's scientific dreams come true in the future and give them the best future.

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Alpha Science Toys believes that in 2019 we can move more firmly towards our dreams and let more and more children enjoy the joy of scientific knowledge. At the same time, Alpha's owners are willing to grow up with enterprises and become the world's top science toys brand manufacturers, creating a happy world of scientific dreams for children all over the world.

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