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Alpha science toys:10 benefits of plant growing kit for children's growth

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Each year, you can do a lot of things in and around your garden. It can teach your kids some important skills. Parents know that it is healthy to breath the fresh air outside and planting flowers can heal our moods. However, do you know plant growing kit can bring benefits to kidsdevelopment?

Some parents may feel strange to gardening, but it is easy to see that it can bring benefits for all ages of children. As a China educational toys manufacturer, alpha science toys is always creating chances for kids to learn and grow. We hope plant growing kit would be a great chance for kids to learn, play and grow. Below are 10 benefits that Alpha science toys collect for parents. Let’s get it through this article.

1. Arouse all senses

Alpha science toys believe that children learn best when they mobilize all their senses. Through the plant growth kit, children can touch and feel the soil, seeds, and flowers, see bright colors and plants of different sizes, hear the sound when vegetables are taken out of the plant, and smell the fragrance of flowers. Involving all senses will help children understand and master the concept of gardening and all the mathematical and scientific concepts that follow.

2. Encourage healthy eating

Eating healthy food is essential for the development of the brain and body, but sometimes it is difficult for children to eat these fruits and vegetables. Let them grow string beans, carrots, and lettuce through the plant growing kit, and they will be proud of what they "created". In turn, this will emphasize the importance of healthy eating. Children will soon learn to like strawberries, blueberries, and even broccoli!

3. Promote the development of fine motors

Shoveling the soil, children putting seeds in pots, and pouring water all require fine motor control and strength. plant growing kit for children develops important motor skills, which will help them improve academic skills such as writing, cutting, and typing.

4. Introduce scientific concepts to children

The plant growing kit is an excellent introduction to the world of science, especially botany, biology, and chemistry. When children sow their first seeds, they will be curious about what will happen next. They make their own assumptions and monitor progress daily. Children do not even realize that they are learning the basic steps of the scientific process. As children get older, they will understand the effects of sunlight and water on plant growth. They understand which plants need more sunlight, which ones need less water, and how long it takes them to grow.


5. Promote family bonds

Many children like to garden with their parents. In fact, this is usually a spring tradition that continues into adulthood. This shows how wonderful the combination of plant growth kits is. Children and parents can decide together what flowers and vegetables to grow and where to grow them. Then, families can use the vegetables they grow to cook together.

6. Teaching responsibilities

alpha science toys believe that plant growing kits are a good way to teach children a sense of responsibility. Children know that they must take care of their seeds every day to make them healthy plants. To help, you can make a list that children can use to make sure they take care of their plants every day.

7. Emphasize the importance of caring for the environment

When children use gardening and planting tools, they realize how important it is to take care of them if they want plants to grow and grow healthily. It creates an excellent opportunity for parents to talk to their children about concepts such as pollution, pesticides, and recycling.

8. Develop mathematical skills

From measuring soil depth to counting seeds, gardening has many teachable mathematical moments. You can also embed math lessons into the gardening experience. For example, your child can measure the growth of plants and then create a chart. Children can also measure and compare the size of vegetables and the number of petals on flowers. Another interesting lesson is to recognize all the different shapes that can be found in the garden. This is a good introduction to geometry.

9. Teach patience

When my child and I started using the plant growing kit process, I was already very aware of the importance of patience. Children are used to getting immediate gratification; however, gardening is often a slow process. Children must learn to wait patiently for the growth of flowers and vegetables. Waiting for the moment when the flowers and plants really sprout is even more exciting!

10. Enhance planning and organization capabilities

For those who often work in gardening, you know that planning and organizing gardening can be time-consuming and a bit of an art form. You have to know what flower blooms at what time of year, how long it takes for the seeds to become vegetables, and when is the best time to sow. Involving children  in this process helps to improve their planning and problem-solving skills. It also enhances their organizational strategy, which can be applied to all aspects of life!

Gardening is more than just a simple art and a job of killing time. It involves art, science, time management, and a range of benefits. It is not only to help children grow but also to help parents release stress and enjoy growing together. Therefore, a high-quality plant growing kit for children is essential during their growth.

As a China educational toys manufacturer, Alpha science toys have different plant growing kits. We hope kids can learn magic science knowledge when planting the plants and learn the Earth to be a clever environmental scientists.


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