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Alpha science toy factory' products passed ASTM- F963 toy product inspection report

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What are the production standards for children's science toys? Do parents know? Alpha science toy factory will answers those questions for parents today. Alpha science toys factory' s two products were passed by USA  ASTM- F963 Toy product inspection report to answer questions in detail. Let parents know what is included in the testing of children's science toys and know more details about children's science toys.

Alpha science toy factory learned that when parents choose science toys for their children, the first thing they think about is the quality and safety of the toys. Because different types of toys accompany children at different stages of their growth process. Science toys play a very important role in children's toys section which can help children to explore the mysteries of life.

Therefore, science toys have the most stringent production standards and testing standards in the world. The Qualified and safety of science toys teach children to learn science knowledge throughout their childhood.

Alpha science toy factory has always focused on the safety of children's science toys. For this reason,  the Alpha science toy factory has been searching for the safest toy raw materials around the world, Alpha science toy factory has the most rigorous scientific production methods to produce toys that make every parent feel at ease.

What does the ASTM- F963 toy product inspection report cover? Take we products color-changing chemical and detective training camp as an example, which has been tested for mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties, lead, lead paint, and phthalates, etc. Both products passed the test successfully. The test results show the Alpha science toy factory's partners and new customers the quality of the products. At the same time, every customer who buys the product of Alpha science toy factory can feel at ease, there are no need to worry about the harm of substandard toys to children.

 Alpha ASTEM-science toys

Test report of color-changing chemical kit by Alpha science toy factory

 Alpha ASTEM-science toys for kids

Test report of detective training camp kit by Alpha science toy factory

Many children have been hurt by substandard toys. The quality safety of toys has become a hidden danger around children. The substandard toys harm to children and bring painful memories to families. So the Alpha science toy factory has been strictly following the production standards and product quality to do a good job in every child's science products. Alpha science toy factory will create a scientific world without danger for children, let children can happily explore knowledge in the scientific world. Learn more about children's science toys kits at the Alpha science toy factory. Looking forward to your coming!


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