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Alpha science toy factory has a special Halloween gift of slime toys to American children

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                                                                                Delivery time:November 4, 2019                         Destination: USA            

                                                                                Product Type:slime toys                                      Product Quantity:20000 cases, 6000 sets,

                                                                               Export Port:  QingDao, China                               Mode of Transport:Shipping

Slime has always been the best-selling toy product in the world and Alpha science toy factory receives a large number of orders for slime toys. At the same time, Alpha science toy factory designed and developed about ten types of slime. Of course, Alpha has accumulated rich experience in slime design and development which is loved by children in the world.

Alpha science toy factory-prepared special Halloween presents for children which is "disgusting slime". This time the factory received an order of 20,000 sets of slime toys from American customers. The various teams of Alpha science toy factory had a meeting about the development of slime toys which included the planning of production process, raw materials, product packaging, product testing, and other aspects. In order to ensure the safety and quality of each process of slime for American customers, we also chose the most suitable logistics transportation mode for the customers.

Halloween gift-slime toys

The production team of the Alpha science toy factory has been completed this slime toys order in time. The R&D team and quality inspection team carried out strict product quality and safety tests on the slime toys. After the spot check, 20,000 sets of slime have been placed in the warehouse waiting for the ship to the United States.

Halloween gift toys

The quality control team of Alpha science toy factory checked every slime toys to keep their safety in the transport process, especially they did transport tested. The warehouse team of Alpha science toy factory keeps the slime toys in order that avoid unnecessary product loss in transportation.

After a busy period of time, the Alpha science toy factory finally finished the delivery of slime toys for American customers. Although everyone was tired buy they always happy to do this job, because they loved the industry of children's science toys very much. Alpha science toy factory know the science toys are very important for children and it will help for children. In the future, Alpha science toy factory will continue to do a good job in the development and design of children's science toys. Interesting science toys will help children to explore this beautiful world.


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