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Alpha science classroom: What 5 aspects can educational science toys help children improve?

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After years of research, the Alpha science classroom’s child educators have found that early literacy experience is crucial to children’s cognitive and language skills. In the past few decades, the education community has been vigorously advocating the development and improvement of children's literacy, hoping that children can better improve their literacy and language development through reading books, singing songs, playing with words and scientific experiments, as well as help children build the ability of simple logical thinking.

Alpha science toys believe that early children’s literacy is very important in learning to read that is a good thing and should continue, given the importance of early literacy skills in learning to read, and how this leads to later success in school and life. But in addition to early literacy skills, What skills do parents need to focus on? Here, Alpha science classroom will tell the parents in detail the 5 aspects that need to cultivate their children.

Alpha science classroom:educational science toys

1. Encourage your child to focus on something

Alpha science toys think parents can encourage their children to pay attention to things in the living environment, such as seasonal changes, new shoots on plants, and something in the wind. You can find that children are more observant than adults. Parents can play educational science toys with their children to grow some plants and share some observations with them. And pay attention to some observation-related language, such as attention and observation. Parents also need to listen to their children’s observations and guide them to correct answers. Children will learn more. Observation is the most basic science. By practicing, children can observe things more efficiently and improve their observational and analytical skills.

2. Encourage children to describe things they see and do

Ask children to describe the attributes or features of things they see and do. When your child sees a ladybug, ask them to describe it what color, shape, and size is it? This not only allows the child to remember the features of things but also to have a simple understanding of different things. Similarly, parents can also use children's educational science toys to train their children's descriptive skills. When children describe something, they try to expand their words, which is also an important way to increase their vocabulary.

3. Ask ‘what’ rather than ‘why’ questions

Alpha science classroom thinks to ask a question about what the children see or do, rather than why. The children will respond with more confidence and satisfaction. For example, when children playing an educational science experiment ask them “What is happening to the bubbles?” It is much easier for them to respond to than “Why do bubbles stick together?”, and promotes further discussion between you and your children. Alpha science toys want to expand the scope of children's learning through children's educational science toys instead of some meaningless questions.

Alpha science classroom:Science toys help children

4. Encourage children to count using one-to-one correspondence

Alpha science toys think Children need to be able to do more than count. Children need to know one-to-one correspondence: that “one” equals one object, “two” equals two objects, “three” equals three objects, and so on. Parents can easily develop this skill by asking children to, for example, collect five pegs for the washing, or two eggs for the cake mixture. Or by asking how many bags of shopping there are or how many letters are in the mailbox.

Board games are great for helping children understand one-to-one correspondence – especially when they move their counter along the board according to the number rolled or spun. Think back to arguments you may have had over where Monopoly tokens were supposed to be!

5. Encourage children to think about space around them

Alpha science classroom thinks that parents should encourage children to think about where they are in space. Children can learn about the position of the earth in the universe through the educational science toy products of the universe. Or, ask them to remember landmarks when driving somewhere you go regularly, like grandma’s place. Could your child recognize your house from a picture taken from the road, can they describe where their bedroom is in relation to the kitchen? Research has shown clear links between spatial skills and STEM skills.

Alpha science classroom: Children's science toys are still the best gifts parents can buy for their children at Christmas. Children can develop complex understandings about the world around them with the right guidance from adults. Early educational science experiences can set children up for learning. In line with the Early Years Learning Framework, we want children to be confident and involved learners. We need children to feel that they can “do” simple scientific experiments and scientific knowledge learning for children, understand and speak scientific phenomena and knowledge contained in science experiments.

Unlike simple knowledge learning, parents say there are still few resources available to develop their children's early skills. However, parents have many opportunities to develop these skills in their daily lives.

Parents can help their children to learn by high-quality educational science toys to develop their reading, observation, mathematics, engineering, and other skills. Therefore, high-quality educational science toys for children can help children to learn different scientific knowledge and phenomena in playing.


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