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Alpha Science Classroom: Water Pump Sprinkler

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With the summer heat just around the corner, how can children's after-school lives be without interesting water science experiments, right? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches kids to make their own mini water pump sprinkler. This particular physical science experiment for kids, it's easy to make and a blast to play with, especially on a hot day. Again this kid's science experiment activity is fun enough to serve as the best toy for kids to learn and have fun in the middle of summer!

Alpha science classroom: water pump sprinklers, required materials

  • Wooden skewers 1 per child

  • Plastic straws 1 per child (non-candy type works best)

  • Melamine tape (or painter's tape, which I use)

  • One cup of water

  • Lots of extra water for refilling

Alpha Science Classroom: Water Pump Sprinkler, Steps to Make

Step 1: First, children cut one side of the straw in half about an inch and a half from the center of each side, leaving the other side open.

Step 2: Children bend the two sides down to make a triangle shape.

Step 3: Children tape the straw and skewer together, but do not cover any of the holes in the straw.


Step 4: Children place it in a cup of water and swirl it around. It will squirt around like a water sprinkler, so be prepared to get a little wet!

Alpha Science Classroom: Water Pump Sprinkler, Science Principles

The alpha science classroom tells kids that when you spin a straw, it forces the water inside to spin. When an object is spinning, anything on that object will feel a force pushing it outward. This is called centrifugal force. The water in the straw is being pushed outward, and the only way it can move outward is by moving up the straw. If you turn the straw fast enough, the water will fly out like a sprinkler. Many pumps use the same principle. It's a very simple pump, which is why it's used in machines like washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Water splashes in the air, into a beautiful string of water droplets, children have enjoyed the fun brought about by these kid's science experiments, water droplets flying because of centrifugal force, which is the most basic knowledge of physical science, I believe that children have learned the mystery, the simple appliances in our lives contain this scientific mystery. Children who want to learn more about physics should pay more attention to our children's physical science experiment activities and explore more mysteries about science from life.

alpha science toys have prepared an equally interesting children's physical science experiment kit to help children learn interesting physics knowledge and at the same time get the fun and growth brought by science, so that children can grow up with joy and become the greatest scientists.


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