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Alpha science classroom:Water Fountain Science Experiment

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How can kids be without fun and interesting science experiment activities for kids in the summer heat? Today, Alpha science classroom worked with the kids on the Water Fountain Science Experiment. In this physical science experiment for kids, we made a working water fountain with some simple supplies from home. This is a really fun science experiment for kids where you can make it work over and over again. At the same time, kids can learn about the amazing mysteries of water.

Alpha science classroom: Water Fountain Science Experiment,Supplies Needed

  • 2-liter soda bottle

  • Plastic bendy straws – 4 or so

  • Hot glue

  • Balloon – we used a 9-inch balloon, but a smaller one will also work

  • A container for catching the water

  • Food coloring (optional)

  • Drill or something to make a hole in the plastic bottle

Alpha science classroom: water fountain science experiments, experimental steps

Step 1: Prepare the water bottle by drilling a hole in the water bottle the same size as the straw or slightly larger for the children. If the hole is too small, you'll have to collapse the straw to fit it in. If the hole is too big, you can easily fill the gap with some hot glue.

Step 2: To add the straw, the kids insert the straw into the hole in the bottle so that the straw is angled toward the bottom of the bottle. You want the bent end of the straw to stick out of the bottle. Secure the straw with hot glue. Use additional glue at the bottom of the straw to support it at the proper angle.

Step 3: Start your fountain! The kids used an under-the-bed tub used for marine science experiments. For fun, we also colored the water blue to make it easier to see what's going on in the picture.

Step 4: Fill the bottle with water. The children will notice that if the height of the water in the bottle exceeds the height of the straw, the water will start to flow out of the straw.


The height of the water in the straw is equal to the height of the water in the bottle. If you tilt the bottle a little, the water will pour out. But it won't flow out on its own unless you tip it over.

Now blow up the balloon. Squeeze the balloon to keep the air from flowing out, then pull it up to the top of the bottle.

The air in the balloon will squeeze the water in the bottle, forcing it to flow out of the straw. Impressive!

Alpha science classroom:Water Fountain Science Experiment,Science Explanation:

The air will leave the balloon because the air pressure inside the balloon is higher than the air pressure inside the bottle. As air flows into the bottle, the air pressure increases, which puts pressure on the water. This pushes the water up the straw and out of the bottle with a surprising amount of force!

The water fountain is a lot of fun to play with! Kids will definitely want to try this more than once.

Well, today the alpha science classroom's summer kid's science experiment activity is over, I believe the children have learned the scientific principles of air pressure and water fountain from this children's physical science experiment activity, children will find our life is full of amazing scientific mysteries, children can pay more attention to the alpha science classroom and explore more amazing treasures of science together.

alpha science toys prepare children's physical science experiment kits with simple and interesting science experiments to help children learn science and grow up to be awesome scientists.


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