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Alpha Science Classroom: Using scientific magic to turn milk into plastic

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Milk is the most common drink in life, and it is also one of the main ingredients of children's favorite cream, so children, do you know any other magic ingredients in milk? Did kids know that the most common plastic in life is hidden in milk? Isn't that amazing? Today alpha Science Classroom is using the magic of science to turn milk into the plastic. Join us to carry out this magical and interesting science experiment for kids and witness the magic of science! 


Alpha science classroom: Materials needed in turning milk into the plastic.

•  Measuring cup

•  Milk

•  Stove-top oven and pan or microwave and microwaveable container

•  Cup or another heat-resistant cup

•  Measuring spoon

•  White vinegar

•  Tissue

•  A clean, hard surface that is will not be damaged by dampness

•  Spoon

•  Filter

•  Cookie-cutters, food coloring

Alpha Science Classroom recommends that the science experiment for kids should be done with the help and supervision of adults so that children can avoid being harmed during heating and handling of hydrothermal fluids.  

Alpha science classroom:  Preparation for the science experiment of turning milk into plastic for children

Firstly, heat one cup of milk in a pan or on a stovetop with the help and supervision of adults until it is steaming hot. Alternatively, you can microwave the milk in a microwaveable container by warming it at 50 percent power for five minutes. It should be about the same temperature as milk that you will use to make hot cocoa; heat longer if needed.

Alpha science classroom:Steps to turn milk into plastic

•  Add four teaspoons of white vinegar to a cup or other heat-resistant cup.

•  Add one cup of hot milk to the cup with white vinegar. Mix it slowly with a spoon for a few seconds. Stack four layers of tissue on a hard surface that will not be damaged if it gets wet.

•  When the milk and vinegar mixture has cooled a bit, use a spoon to take out the curds. You can do this by tilting the spoon against the inside of the cup to get rid of excess liquid while retaining the curds in the spoon. Collect as many cards as you can in this way and put them on top of the paper towel stack.

•  Fold the edges of the tissue stack over the curds and press down on them to absorb excess liquid. Use extra tissue if necessary to absorb the remaining moisture.

•  Knead all of the curds together into a ball, just like dough. Children can get casein plastic in simple steps.

•  If you want to use the casein plastic to make something in different shapes, you can add some colors, then shape and mold it with a cookie (within an hour of making the plastic dough) and leave it to dry on the tissue for at least 48 hours. When it has dried, the casein plastic will be hard, and children will get a plastic toy made of milk. That would be very safe and interesting.


Alpha science classroom: The scientific knowledge principle of making milk into plastic

Milk contains many protein molecules called casein. Each casein molecule is a monomer and the casein monomers chain is a polymer.

The polymer can be scooped up and molded, which is why plastic made from milk is called casein plastic.

When the hot milk is added to the vinegar, small white clumps or curds should be visible in the mixture. This is because the addition of acids (such as vinegar) to milk changes the pH (acidity) of the milk and causes the casein molecules to unfold and recombine into long chains, causing the milk to curdle. Children, have you learned the magic of science?

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