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Alpha science classroom: Underwater Volcano Experiment

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Kids have seen volcanic eruptions on TV, giving them a glimpse of nature's wonders and spectacular scenes, but have kids ever seen what an underwater volcanic eruption looks like? Today, Alpha Science Classroom showed kids what an underwater volcano eruption looks like through the Underwater Volcano Experiment, a fun chemistry experiment for kids project! Also, a really cool kids science experiment activity that allows kids to discover what happens when you mix hot and cold water together while learning about density and chemistry and uncovering the amazing mysteries of nature.

Alpha science classroom: Underwater volcanic eruption experiment, required materials.

  • Large transparent container

  • Small transparent container (must fit in the large container!)

  • A heavy object that can hold down the small container (we used small stones)

  • Water

  • Red food coloring

Alpha Science Classroom: Underwater Volcanic Eruption on Experiment, Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: The children fill the large container with cold water.

Step 2: Children carefully place the rocks in the small container.

Step 3: Children add a few drops of food coloring to the small container.

Step 4: Children fill the small container with hot water. Since the water is hot, the food coloring should spread and mix without you having to stir it. However, if you find that the food coloring is not mixing in the hot water, you can stir it with chopsticks.

Step 5: Children Gently place the small container into the large container while keeping the container upright. Tip. We actually practiced with room temperature water only a few times before trying this experiment.


Step 6: Children watched as colored water erupted from the small container like a volcano!

Alpha science classroom: The science behind the Underwater Volcano Experiment

The alpha science classroom tells children that, as we learned in the "warm air rises, cold air sinks" experiment, hot water is less dense than cold water. As a result, hotter water rises to the top, while cold water sinks to the bottom.

When water is hot, the water molecules are excited and move around more quickly. When they collide with each other, they bounce farther. Imagine a game of billiards. When they collide with each other, the rest makes all the balls bounce all over the billiard table. As the molecules spread out and increase the space between them, the density decreases.

When you drop hot water from a small container into cold water, the hot water rises above the cold water. Since we placed a rock to hold down the small container, the hot water shot out and looked like a volcanic eruption.

The children had a lot of fun watching the undersea volcano erupt with all the "lava" flowing into the cold water.

The underwater volcano experiment presents the charm of science for children while letting them feel the magic of nature. alpha science classroom hopes that this interesting chemistry experiment for kids will unlock the amazing knowledge of density and chemistry for children. Let the children learn the scientific knowledge in kid's science experiments in a fun atmosphere and become the smartest little scientists.

Alpha science toys produce a variety of fun chemistry experiment kits for kids, creating a land of science fun for kids and helping them grow into the brightest little geniuses.


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