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Alpha Science Classroom: The Power of Bleach

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Although children's clothes will always encounter stains of various colors when they grow up, parents can easily remove these unsightly stains. Is the power of kids bleach? Today, Alpha Science Class demonstrates the power of bleach to children through a magical chemistry experiment  for kids activity, demonstrates the fun of kid's science experiments, and allows them to understand this amazing mystery.

Alpha Science Lesson. The Power of Bleach Experimental Materials

  • Water

  • Bleach

  • Food coloring agent

  • 2 clear cups

  • Adult Guardian

Alpha science class:The Power of Bleach, Experimental Steps

Step 1: First, the children fill one of the clear cups 3/4 full with tap water at room temperature.

Step 2: The children add 2 drops of food coloring to the water and observe the brightness of the food coloring as it mixes in the water.

Step 3: Before the children mix the bleach with the colored water, fill the other cup 1/4 full with bleach. Pour the mixture back and forth between the cups 3 or 4 times.

Step 4: The children let the mixture sit out in the open for a few minutes and observe the color change.


Alpha Science Classroom. The Power of Bleach, the Science Principle

Alpha Science Classroom shows children that bleach can do something that water can't: Bleach lightens the color. This process is called bleaching or whitening and is the result of oxidation or reduction. Oxidizing bleach works by breaking the chemical bonds between dye molecules. The resulting molecules will no longer absorb visible light after being oxidized, which will result in a lighter color. Bleaching can also lighten the color by reducing the bleach. Reduction bleach converts double bonds to single bonds. The reduction process renders the molecule incapable of absorbing visible light.

Water can "change color" by dissolving. When added to water, the amount of color dissolves in a larger volume. The molecules don't actually fade. Instead, the molecules just spread out, giving the impression that they have lost their color.

Well, kids have learned about the power of bleach, so they can use bleach water to get rid of which pesky stains. However, through this chemistry experiment for kid's activity, Alpha Science Classroom also reminds children that although bleach can remove stains, it also possesses certain dangers and must be used under parental supervision so that children can not only learn about interesting kid's science experiments but also enjoy them and become the most powerful chemical wizards.

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