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Alpha science classroom:Sugar Cube Absorbing Experiment

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Children know very little about water, so we've studied how objects absorb water before they use sponges, towels, and old-fashioned walking water science experiments. Today, in alpha science classroom and children to try a fun children's kitchen science experiment project, Sugar Cube Absorbing Experiment, through this children's science experiment project to help children to study which materials absorb water, which does not absorb water!

Alpha science classroom:Sugar Cube Absorbing Experiment

  • Sugar cubes

  • Plate

  • Water

  • Food colouring

  • Aluminium foil

  • Cling film

  • paper

  • kitchen roll

Alpha Science Classroom: Sugar Box Absorption Experiment, Production Instructions

Step 1: First, kids add a few drops of food coloring to a little water and pour it on a plate.

Step 2: Children add a pile of sugar cubes to the plate and see what happens. The colored water should move up the stack of cubes and eventually collapse them. Check how many cubes the colored water has passed through before stopping. We have only reached cube 3.


Step 3: The children try adding a small sheet of foil to a cube and then stacking some on top of it. Will this stop the water from reaching the top cube?

Step 4: The children try the same method with some cling film and some paper or paper towels. Which one works best?

Step 5: Can the children try to predict which material will best stop the water from spreading through the cube? Which one falls first?

Alpha Science Classroom: Sugar Box Absorption Experiment, Science Principles

The alpha science classroom showed the kids that sugar cubes absorb water, as you can see by the colors rising from the cubes. Our foil and cling film did stop the water flow for a while, but eventually, it found its way through. I think we cut the foil/cling wrap a little smaller. However, these were the last ones to fall.

The paper easily absorbed the water and allowed it to reach the top cube. This is because the paper is porous and allows water to pass through it. Foil and cling film prevents water from passing through.

If you leave the cubes in long enough, they will dissolve completely!

A simple sugar cube can unlock the mystery of science, reflecting the magic of kid's science experiment activities. Alpha Science Classroom aims to help children find different scientific principles, learn and understand them, and grow up to become the smartest scientists and become a star that will pass this children's kitchen science experiment.

Alpha Science Toys have provided many fun kitchen science experiment kits to help them find scientific phenomena in the kitchen, unlocking the mystery, learning support, and becoming the most powerful scientists.


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