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Alpha science classroom:Straw Potato

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What's the magic of potatoes and straws together? Did children know that potatoes and straws can also spark science? Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches children how to make Straw Potato, and together we will learn about the scientific mystery of air pressure and enjoy the wonderful fun of kid's science experiments through this children's physical science experiment project.

Alpha Science Classroom: Straw Potato, the ingredients you need

  • Potato

  • Straw

  • Scissors (optional)

Alpha Science Classroom: Step-by-step tutorial for straw potato

Step 1: First, the children gather the materials they need in the kitchen.

Step 2: Children can hold the potato in their non-dominant hand (the one you don't use to write) and try to put a straw through it. What's the result? The straw bends and crumples!


Step 3: Now the children cover the top of the straw with their thumbs. Put the potato on one end and try to insert the straw into the other end.

Alpha Science Classroom Tip: After step 2, we cut the bent part of the straw off!

Step 4:What happened? Did the potato get penetrated?

Warning. If you can put the straw on the potato, you can also put the straw on your finger! If you can put the straw on the potato, you can also put the straw on your finger. Make sure to place the potato on the other side of the straw.

Alpha Science Classroom: The science behind straw potato

How do you turn a fragile straw into something strong enough to go through a potato? It's like turning flexible rubber into a strong car tire, or a bulky jack into a concrete breaker,use air pressure! This is important.

You can also trap air in the straw when you cover the end of it with your thumb. We don't usually think about the air in the straw (or the air around us), but the air is there, taking up space and bouncing off the sides of the straw.

One of the neat things about gases (like air) is that when they are compressed, they transfer the pressure of that compression into the container. The compressed gas enters less space, so the gas bounces faster and harder in its container. If you've ever squeezed a balloon and seen it expand, then you've seen air pressure at work. In this experiment, when you put a straw into a potato, the air in the straw will be squashed (and pressurized). The squashed air is pushed out the side of the straw to prevent it from bending - that's the power of air pressure!

Experiment with air pressure and poke holes in one of our favorite vegetables

This is not magic, this is the power of air pressure, children can easily make potatoes through. Today's Alpha Science Classroom unveils the scientific mystery of air pressure through children's physical science experiments, showing children the fun and charm of kid's science experiments, cultivating children's ability and thinking to explore science, and helping children become the greatest scientists.

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